Write For Us + Blockchain – Read And Follow Instruction!

The article discusses Write For Us + Blockchain‘s main points and describes the main rules for the guest post write-up.

Do you have any ideas about the blockchain? Do you know the procedures of the blockchain? Many investors and cryptocurrency buyers have recently been eager to learn about blockchain technology. For this reason, they are searching for informative articles, blogs, and many other writing materials on the same topic.

As a well-known website, we also publish articles on the same. We publish articles to inform people about the core content of blockchain. So we’re looking for some writers who can contribute content for our Write For Us + Blockchain

What is our company? 

Marifilmines is an article publishing company. Our core concept is to offer various types of information to the readers. We offer essays, product reviews, guest blogs, and news articles on many topics.

We already have writers that can write on business, technology, travel, health, and games. We need some content contributors who can provide content on the blockchain and its various branches. That is the reason we want some expert content creators who can give us guest blogs and articles on this topic. But before that, check all the protocols for this segment.

The Rules of Applications for Write for Us Blockchain

You need to check our application rules if you want to apply for this segment. Our application rules are easy and straightforward. We just consider those writers who have potential and professionalism. As an authentic company, we believe in professionalism and want the same from our authors. 

  1. Blockchain is an interesting topic. And it also demands in-depth research. As writers, you need to know and should have gathered knowledge of the methods of the Blockchain. We hope before drafting the content, the writers will check all the possibilities and do research on this particular matter. It will help them to write a good content.
  2. For Write For Us Blockchain Guest Post, the writers should understand the working process of our company. We are not a typical content writing company. But we have some core policies that the authors need to maintain. We hope the writers will support and respect our company’s norms. 
  3. The writers need to be clear about their writing. They need to find out the exciting topic on the Blockchain. The authors should find interesting issues and produce the best information for the readers. 
  4. The content must educate the readers, buyers, and consumers of this trade. The authors also need to maintain the dignity of their work.

Maintain the SEO Rules for Blockchain “Write For Us”

The SEO rules are essential and needed. Writers need to maintain this rule for the betterment of the content. 

  1. The writers need to use simple language. And they also need to confirm that they follow the grammar rules in the content. We will check the grammar score, and it should be 99 plus.
  2. Make an effort to create unique content. We don’t welcome copied content. We will examine the plagiarism score of the content. The content on the plagiarism tool should be completely original.
  3. The authors should maintain a spam score of less than 3% on do-follow links.

Plus point

For Write For Us + “Blockchain“, the authors will find many plus points. Our company always respects the hard work and dedication of the content writers. For this reason, we offer our help to the content contributors. 

  1. Our portal has excellent traffic. We are familiar with the various types of readers worldwide. We receive massive traffic daily. For this reason, we can assure the writers that they can get thousands of readers daily.
  2. Our content is SEO-friendly. Because of this, contributors who write for us will have strong SERP rankings.
  3. The content contributors will get honest feedback on their content.


For Write for Us Blockchain, the content writers should send the sample first. Our editors will examine the content. As per our examination result and satisfaction with the received content quality, we will confirm the result within 24 hours. 

Please send the content to the email id: braydenwilson763@gmail.com

The Final Thought

Our concept is straightforward and comprehensive. We want the content contributors for our portal to explore the new professional writing area. Please also note that our content team will have the full right to edit the content and take proper ownership of the published content. Now, you can choose the Write For Us + Blockchain opportunity without wasting your time. You can learn more about the Blockchain by checking the link

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