How to Develop an AAA Video Game? Time, Budget and Process

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The phrase “AAA Games” is used in the video game business to refer to high-budget, high-profile games that are often developed and released by large, well-known firms.

Development Process of an AAA Video Game:

Three steps make up the game development process.

  • Pre-Production:

During pre-production, the game concept is developed. You’ll also outline design and development requirements here, Additionally, you will plan the game’s development process and the supplies needed. A successful pre-production phase requires effective project management. Starloop Studios relies on prototyping, pre-production decision points, and agile ways to manage risk on our client’s project. As a result, there aren’t any setbacks and the work process runs smoothly.

  • Production:

This is typically the most time-consuming step of the game production process. Cross-team communication is necessary for a successful manufacturing process from the prototype to the gold master. 

For more than 12 years, the Starloop Studios has a team of 150+ software engineers, artists, and designers has been making games. They are aware of all trends and keep an eye on innovation to deliver the best solutions to their clients.

  • Post Production:

Post-production kicks off the game production maintenance phase. This is where games receive bug fixes and new features. The game development company Starloop Studios uses a variety of approaches and tools, such as Agile or Jira, to increase communication and transparency, allowing them to achieve higher levels of performance.

Development Time of an AAA Video Game:

With numerous game kinds requiring their own specialized designers, difficult menus to navigate, and enormous maps that are still primarily made by hand, AAA games have grown to resemble enormous theme parks in their own right. Keep in mind that each time you see a tree, someone had to click and drag it there and someone else had to make sure the NPC was visible, spoke, and used the actual speech rather than placeholder language while standing slightly behind the tree. If it takes a year to make one, it must be a sequel. Otherwise, you’ll be lucky to see these created in less than five years. regardless of the number of employees you have. You may shorten development and production times with the help of Starloop Studios’ skilled staff and role specialization, enabling you to launch new projects as soon as feasible. Your ROI will be visible sooner the earlier you launch.

Development Budget of an AAA Video Game:

It is not your responsibility to exceed AAA game costs and stick to huge expenditures. Remember that you will need to hire many teams of certified professionals to cover all of the critical phases of the process. One team will develop art and audio, another will work on game design and narrative, another will have programmed and optimize the game for the target platform, and so on. An AAA game will typically cost around $60 million to $80 million to develop and release.

When compared to the expense of in-house development, Starloop Studios can save you 40% or more. You will not incur any overhead costs. You only pay for the time their staff spends working on your project.

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