Woocommerce Write For Us – Know Application Procedure!

Woocommerce Write for Us has all the guidelines and details for writing an e-commerce plugin guest on Marifilmines Com.

Do you want to share your WordPress skills with an audience searching for information on Woocommerce? Are you an expert, writer and digital marketer knowing plugins and themes of the content management system? Woocommerce, as an open-source e-commerce platform, has helped many entrepreneurs set up their online stores.

As people are using this platform, they are also facing many difficulties working with it. Experts on this plugin can share their skills with thousands of readers on Marifilmines Com. Woocommerce Write for Us has all the details for writing a guest post on this plugin.

About Marifilmines Com:

Marifilmines is a digital media player serving an online audience in three different niches. Website reviews, product reviews and news are three categories in which it publishes content regularly. It has entered the digital media field to fill the gap and provide quality, unbiased content to online audiences.

Online shoppers have benefitted a lot from its website reviews section, while product reviews have given shoppers regular content on a product of mass consumption. Online gamers have greatly benefitted from our content on games. News sections have provided content for a global audience.

“Write For Us Woocommerce Guest Post:

Woocommerce is a plugin for the WordPress Content management system that is extremely popular among entrepreneurs. It allows users to start an e-commerce store with minimum effort and in a quick time. As new users enter this field, they find it challenging to work with the plugin and look for articles that will help them understand it. 

Digital experts and people with skills can share their knowledge by writing articles on different aspects of the plugin. As their post is optimized on the search engines, they can find thousands of new readers and old visitors visiting our platform. Write For Us + Woocommerce post will benefit the people looking for ways to work with this WordPress plugin

Benefits of Woocommerce guest post to the contributors:

  • The readership of the post will increase due to the daily audience visiting our site to read articles on other niches
  • They can divert huge traffic to their blogs by writing it informatively.
  • Awareness related to Woocommerce will increase among average readers and benefit each player involved with this plugin.
  • Writers on plugins can judge their skills by analyzing the performance of its post.
  • CMS can also tap the market in the region where it is not popular by contributing to Woocommerce “Write For Us”.

Type of Contributor Marifilmines is looking for a guest post:

  • Experts writing informative articles on the digital industry.
  • Writer covering the growth of the e-commerce industry.
  • E-commerce Company looking to share informative articles on their platform.
  • Writer analyzing different content management systems available in the market. 

What type of Content is accepted for Marifilmines guest post?

  • We accept a well-researched article backed with facts and figures.
  • We accept Informative content; therefore, contributors should avoid submitting a promotional article.
  • Content on Woocommerce topics will only be accepted for publication.
  • Our website desires high-quality content that creates awareness among readers. 

Guidelines for writing content for Write For Us + “Woocommerce” guest post:

  • The length of the guest post should be more than 1000 words.
  • A grammar score of 100 is accepted for publication on Marifilmines Com.
  • The link used for research work should have a spam score of more than 2-3%.
  • We accept Plagiarism free content that is unique and original.
  • Do not share already published articles for Woocommerce guest post.
  • Contributors should get acquainted with SEO guidelines for the search engine and write the content based on them.
  • Links used for making content should be submitted with the guest post.
  • The title used in Woocommerce Write for Us post should have the ability to attract visitors to the platform.
  • Writers and experts should create content that can engage the audience for a brief period.
  • Proper headings and subheadings should be used in the article.
  • The writer should use active voice mostly in the guest post and avoid passive voice.
  • Two relevant links need to be attached to the article before submission.
  • The readability score of the content should be high. 

How to apply for the  Woocommerce Guest post?

Digital marketers, experts and writers having skills in this plugin and interested in contributing to the guest post can mail us at team22.marifilmines@gmail.com.


Woocommerce Write for Us guest post is an excellent opportunity for plugin writers, expertsand websites owner  to share their skills and ideas with thousands of visitors coming on Marifilmines com. They can contact us on the e-mail mentioned above for any queries or asking any doubt.

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