Woken Wordle {August 2022} Is It The Correct Answer?

In this post, Woken Wordle, one can learn about today’s Wordle and the game’s rules. 

Can you crack the answer to today’s Wordle? The application for the website created by Josh Wardle has made stirs in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and India. Wordle is an application software for people to guess new words every day. The player has to guess a five-letter word in six chances. It becomes hard on other levels. 

If you want to know about today’s Wordle, please read further to Woken Wordle

Is woken the correct answer?

Wordle is an application that can be considered both challenging and easy, and it differs for different people. Nevertheless, it helps to increase the player’s vocabulary. The players are given a five-letter word and six guesses to predict the right word. If you have not tried this application, you should try it once. 

The word woken took most of the answers for today’s Wordle. But, it does not seem to be the correct answer. People have mistaken this word to be the correct answer for today’s Wordle. The Woken Definition is different from the one in today’s Wordle. 

Thus, the correct answer for today’s Wordle is WOVEN. 

There are numerous five-letter words. It becomes an enormous task to know about these words and understand them completely. Many people lost the game today due to a mere misunderstanding of the rules of the game. 

To not make this mistake, please read the details about today’s hints and clues. 

Clues for the Wordle of the day

Wordle has become one of the most popular word games and is not bereft of the fact that the words are getting challenging too. Is Woken a Word? Many people have even started questioning the meaning of the essential words. The clues must be adequately understood, and intelligent guesses must be made. These intelligent guesses are only possible if the players know and articulate the hints of the particular word. 

Thus, the hints for today’s Wordle are: 

  • The word is an adjective 
  • It is a past tense of a verb 
  • The word ends with the letter N 
  • It is not a double-letter word. 
  • It means to be closely knit. 

Hence, the correct answer is WOVEN. 

Woken Wordle

As observed before, the word woken is not the answer to today’s Wordle and can be considered the wrong answer. The correct answer to today’s Wordle is woken. The rules of the game are as follows- 

  • The players are given six chances to guess the correct word. 
  • If the answer is correct, the word turns green 
  • If the word is correct, but the placement is wrong, it turns yellow
  • If the word is wrong, then the box becomes grey. 
  • The word is never in its plural form. 


In summation of the post-Woken Wordleone can say that Wordle is a game that has become very popular and is played by people worldwide. The game’s levels are becoming difficult, and the answer for today’s Wordle is- Woven. To know the answer to today’s Wordle, check this link-. 

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