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The post talks about Who Owns Truth Social and elaborates further details on the reason for creating it.

There is a new social media network in the United States and Canada. It is nothing other than the social media network Truth Social launched on President’s Day, which is currently available for iOS users alone.

The social network that the former president of the US, Donald Trump announced on being banned from social media platforms such as Twitter has been launched. So, in this article, we bring you detailed information about Who Owns Truth Social and why was it launched.

Read the entire article to get complete and elaborate detail about the new social network in the town.

What is Truth Social?

Truth Social is a novel social media platform launched by former president of the US, Donald Trump. Besides, the app has an uncanny resemblance with Twitter which was also one of the most preferred social media platforms.

However, as per sources, the former president was banned from Twitter primarily in 2021 for inciting violence surrounding the US Capitol structure or building incident. In the coming sections, we will detail Who Owns Truth Social and how you can sign up for the same.

Reason For Starting A Different Social Network

As per sources, Donald Trump’s Twitter account that had over 90 million followers, was taken down in early 2021 following the US Capitol building incident. Besides, he was also banned from Facebook until January 2023.

He decided to start his social network to speak to people without any qualms.

However, as per sources, the platform doesn’t replace the mainstream services such as Facebook or Twitter. Besides, it is designed to stand against the woke culture and deals less with accessibility or content moderation.

Who Owns Truth Social?

The platform resembles Twitter which was created using the open-source license from Mastodon. In addition, truth Social includes two entities (TMTG) Trump Media and Technology Group, and Digital World Acquisition Corp. (DWAC), founded by Patrick Orlando, a Miami banker who owns the publicly traded SPAC.

As per sources, Truth Social is formed by a merger agreement between the two entities. Besides, the plan for the company is to offer people alternative social networks and media by planning to launch their video streaming service called TMTG+ and a news network called TMTG news.

Thus, it is both the companies Who Owns Truth Social to provide users with a conservative viewership.

Final Conclusion

The app is currently available only for Apple users. However, users can download it from the App Store while the Android version will be released soon as per the update on the website of Truth Social.

However, some users have complained about error messages such as something went wrong while others have been put on the waiting list considering massive demand. Being in beta from December, it has over 500 users until now.

Do you want to know more about Who Owns Truth Social? Then read here the latest update to learn more.

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