Social Earn Scam (Feb 2022) Let Us Learn All Aspects Here!

Do you want to use a trending money-making platform? Then before that, know whether Social Earn Scam or legit.

Hey! Readers, we hope you are all doing great; we are back with another informative article. Do you have free time? Do you want to earn money during your free time by doing simple activities? Then today’s post is going to share information about a currently trending money-making site; please go through it.

Social Earn is a recently launched website, which is trending in the United States. Read the entire post to learn what this site, how it works and is Social Earn Scam or real? 

What is

In simple words, it is a platform where you can earn money by doing simple work. Join the biggest community, share your opinion and complete the activity and get rewards in return. 

Convert your smartphone into an income source. The window is open for brands and you. So ready to earn money, then visit its official site and sign up now. But before making any decision, learn about its authenticity.

How Does It Work?

There are different ways you can earn money from this platform; below are the ways:

  • Start five minutes online survey and finish it to earn money.
  • Download new games or new applications and try them.
  • You can also earn by referrals and posting online. 

Is Social Earn Scam?

Let us now check the legitimacy of the website here as below:

  • Website creation date: 2021/09/14
  • Website last updated on: 2021/12/1
  • Website registration ends on: 2022/09/14
  • The trust score of the site: only 1%, which is a very low number.
  • It is present on social media such as Facebook.
  • It is encrypted with HTTPS protocol; please take care which doesn’t always mean that the platform is safe. 
  • It has mixed customer reviews on Facebook page; some say it is safe to use and a quick way of making money, whereas few say it is not worthful.

Analyzing the above factors, not all virtual money-making platforms are safe to use, so we recommend you do thorough research to understand Social Earn Scam before dealing with such a site. If you decide to use such a site, make sure you don’t provide any confidential details instantly and without analyzing anything.

People’s Reviews

We found mixed reviews of the people on the Social Earn website; here are the few feedback recorded for your reference; please go through. One of the users says I love this platform; I can make money from here. Another says it is a simple yet quick way to make money.

Whereas many other users describe it as a scam site. One of the users says I finished all tasks to cash out money, but everything disappeared the next day; when I tried to talk to the team, I didn’t get any response. To know Social Earn Scam, read more users’ reviews here at the social media.

The Final Verdict

Money earning platforms are a great way to earn money; you have to complete simple activities and surveys by sitting in your comfort zone and free time. But most of these sites are not genuine; many phishers are waiting to trap you easily and then they vanish.

So, make sure you do enough homework and visit all the users’ reviews, before dealing with such a concept and not revealing your personal information. 

Have you used the Social Earn platform? What do you think is Social Earn Scam? Please share your words in the provided block. Also, stay alert and learn about online scams here.

32 thoughts on “Social Earn Scam (Feb 2022) Let Us Learn All Aspects Here!”

  1. Yeah I am currently a member and I think it’s a Scam.
    If you went to the help option, there’s no live chat, and if u chose to message , you wouldn’t get any response for days! More to that, they have survey and app testing which bring a lot of spam folders to occupy the phone.

    • Hello J, Thanks for the update. Buyers, be aware of such portals. Nowadays, they use new tricks and cheat people anyways. So, it is better to stay away from them. Please read the reviews and then proceed. Stay updated. Be cautious and alert. Take care. Thanks.

      • If it’s such a scam social earn why isn’t anybody come coming up with a petition to file a lawsuit for false advertising I’m not understanding I’m waiting on to get paid but I sure as hell would like to get paid I think the site is legit but yet I still haven’t gotten paid and I never heard or ran a task on you that want you to do 30 videos or look at 30 videos and you get paid in 24 hours it takes 3 to 5 minutes for your payment to enroll sometimes 10
        minutes but if it’s fraud everybody need to come together and file a lawsuit for false advertisement but I’m saying I believe social earned is legit I’ll let you know more if I don’t get paid on my schedule dates I am supposed to get paid I’m waiting on two payments one for $5,300 and also my first cash out payment im waiting on is $936.98
        Also you are going to get banned from the site if you don’t follow the instructions any fraudulent activities they are kicking you , like I said I haven’t received my payment yet but I will most certainly update you and screenshot you guys
        And also I had trouble logging in on the site last night well midnight hours but I woke up this afternoon and I logged right back in on the site easily and I had positive update for as more social stats clicks

        • SCAM IVE FILED A COMPLAINT WITH BBB I HAVE NOT RECEIVED PAYMENT AND I WAITED WAY PASSED THE 14 days then it chose to double the waiting time on its own I’ve requested for four cash outs none has came

          • it’s scam who want to give the money freely.I have waiting for 14 days but the money doesn’t in my paypal’s already one month I waiting but its nothing.I contact the owner through skype and email but the email is not legit

    • How do you give a review saying you “think” it’s a scam!?! Have you actually signed up, done the work and NOT received promised payment? I’m genuinely asking. Have you?????

  2. I was recently invited with another’s code and when I tried to complete registration it said both my personal and work email were in use. Which I never signed up. So I never bothered. Seemed fishy from the start

  3. Every time I finish the tasks it comes up with more tasks. I stopped after it wouldn’t let me cash out. IT SAID LOOK AT 30 VIDEOS. I DID. WAITED 24HRS. THEN MORE TASKS. FINISHED. THEN 140 MORE VIDEOS. WHERES MY MONEY!!

  4. Social earn is the biggest scam of 2021 seriously. I was supposed to get paid dec 24th woke up nothing, checked again nothing. Don’t waste your time…. Like I did

  5. I’m not being silent, these scammers out here scamming deserve to be put on a pedal stool. I did not receive the money today as promise, so I will be filing suit against false advertising. Whomever else was waiting for a payment and have proof, please form with me to sign. We have to stop letting people get away with this. You’ll pay more in the end, and that’s what’s about to happen.

    • Hello D McCormick, yes, this must be stopped somewhere and can help other buyers to stay away from them. Don’t try to be in touch with such sites, they are scammers. They just showcase and disappear. It is highly suggestible, to check the portals before any transactions. Please update. Take care. Thanks.

      • I’ll sign most definitely, I was gonna use my money for probate so I can get out of this situation I’m in but they kinda played me and messed me up😒

      • Sincerely I think is a scam, because since today being 17 January 2022, I have been trying to login but no response, is showing me that the site is blocked and I tried another means to login, after filling my login info, if I want to tap the login box it won’t even shake or move. I messaged them through the website it didn’t go, so I mailed them with the email address I saw on the site, still waiting to know if they will reply me. I was like is it because am about to take my money for the tasks that I did or what. Because I was very sure I was having more than 30 referrals as they wanted before someone cash out. Scammingly if I should speak it this way, they refused to log me in. Am so mad right now, after wasting my time, data and energy and it have to end like this.

  6. I was referred by my sister, completed all steps and had a payment date of 1/3. Some how my pay date chaned to 28 days out of no where. I was chatting with Alliaon she had sporadic responses never directly responded to my inquiries just apologized for late response. I’ve been skepticle since then, now my page is gone 🤷🏾‍♀️ everyone that said they had payout dates never got paid.

  7. my scheduled payment was January 2nd, im still waiting. my account is still up and active and still making money but I don’t think im ever gonna see it. and my cash out still says payment on January 2nd????

  8. I requested a cash out to my venmo December 24th. It was listed that it would be deposited today. I got in the chat support and someone was on there but chose to ignore me. Never responded once and it even shows how long there were active for at the top. Than how long they have been away too. So I was blatantly disregarded by chat support and than I messaged the company’s pages on both Instagram and Facebook and was also ignore there and I sent an email with no response. My payout day is now over and I received a bit fat ZERO. Than completely ignored after requesting help.

    • Hello Rob Budreau, thanks for the update. We feel disappointing, as all the individuals have dropped the same issue. They must be caught and proper action must be taken against them. Please drop the details, if any. Regards. Take care.


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