When I Was 8 My Dad Was 31 {July} Solve The Riddle Here!

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The article shows the calculations to solve the riddle, which is trending, and the solution for the puzzle is obtained by reading When I Was 8 My Dad Was 31.

Do you know about the riddles that are trending nowadays? Did you try to solve any riddles before? Many riddles are trending on social media. Do you love solving riddles? If so, did you get any such riddles and try for clues to solve them? Here is one of the riddles with the solution solved.

People from the United States enjoy solving this kind of riddle. The riddles have popularity, such riddle is When I Was 8 My Dad Was 31.

The most trending riddle in social media:

My father was 31 when I was 8 years old. He is currently twice my age. What age am I? Riddle: Detailed Explanation of the Solution here. The exact answer is just 23. The explanation of the solution arithmetically is explained below. Riddle has recently gained popularity on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Many people are eagerly playing riddles to enhance their brain power and also for the fun. We have provided the link for playing riddles below in the conclusion.

When I Was 8 My Dad Was 31 

 Riddle, you can also locate the explanation. To learn more about when I was 8 years old, my father was 31. He is currently twice my age. What age am I? Riddle. Why should one attempt to solve this? Cognitive puzzles and puzzles are popular pastimes. These aspects of public media forwards are also on the surface right now. While delivering challenging puzzles is still popular, strange riddles are becoming increasingly popular lately. The arithmetic explanation of the answer is written below.

The solution to the riddle is that When I Was 8 My Dad Was 31

 View a popular viral puzzle which has been going around for a long. Consider the legitimate basis for this well-known My father had 31 when I was 8 years old. He is currently twice my age. What age am I? riddle.

Try speculating on the solution. There is some arithmetic involved, for sure. So, what was the solution to this puzzle?

The response is 23.

Reason: Although we stated that the father’s age is 31, the Child is 8 years old. The representation of the difference between them is then calculated as (31-8=23). Here is the When I Was 8 My Dad Was 31 answer.

Adding more points in providing a solution.

Let his father’s age now be ‘x’. Set his son’s age to be “x-23.” The answer to the question is that x=2(x-23); x=2x-46; and 46=2x-x.


Therefore, his parent would be 46 years old, and his boy would be 23. Son, therefore, is 23 years old.


After looking at the online resources, it is found that the riddles gained more popularity on all social media platforms from which people are eager to get the solutions. The riddle is solved and provided above. Learn more about riddles and play online.

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