When Is Eid Al Fitr 2022 In Usa Holiday {May} Know Here!

Latest News When Is Eid Al Fitr 2022 In Usa Holiday

When Is Eid Al Fitr 2022 In Usa Holiday? When will it be celebrated in the UAE? Let’s find out all the details!

Did you know that the end of Ramadan month is here? Muslims worldwide come together to honour the ending of the ninth holy month of Ramazan and the first day of Shawwal, the tenth Islamic month.

But celebrating this holiday is not quite that easy given the different time zones and sunrise and sunset timings in the United States and other countries. Thus, the holiday date may differ from country to country. When Is Eid Al Fitr 2022 In Usa Holiday? Read to find out!

Details On Eid:

Eid Ul Fitr is the holiday celebrated by Muslim community all around the world as it signifies the conclusion of the one month fasting of Ramazan.

The holiday does not always fall on the same date because the holiday is celebrated when people and religious communities sight the crescent. The festivity begins on the sunset of the day of the first sighting of this crescent moon, and it continues the following day.

This year, Eid Al Fitr celebrations began on the evening of 1 May in the USA, and they will continue till 2 May 2022.

When Is Eid In Saudi Arabia 2022?

Most countries depend on Saudi Arabia to announce the holiday of Eid Al Fitr. The United States, European countries, the UK, and Canada rely on moon announcements by Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court and the concerned moon sighting committees.

And as per the latest updates, the committees have announced the sighting of the crescent moon, and thus, UAE, Qatar, and other Arab states started their celebration on the evening of 1 May and will celebrate Eid on 2 May 2022.

However, the public holidays in Saudi Arabia have been declared from 2 May to 5 May 2022. Is Eid Tomorrow In Saudi Arabia 2022? The answer is: Eid is on 2 May 2022, that is, today, in Saudi Arabia.

About Ramadan:

Ramadan or Ramazan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, followed by the Shawwal, the tenth month. It is observed as a month of fasting, reflection, prayer, and community.

It lasts from one sighting of the crescent moon to the other, about 29-30 days. The month sees grown-up Muslims fasting from dawn to sunset.

In 2022, Ramadan starts on 2 April and will end on 2 May, depending on different countries. When Is Eid Al Fitr 2022 In Usa Holiday? As mentioned earlier, it began on the evening of 1 May and will end on the evening of 2 May 2022.

People celebrating Eid:

Muslims worldwide have wished each other Eid Mubarak on social media and prayed for each other’s well-being this lunar year.

Social media users have also spread news regarding when the holiday will be celebrated in different countries. And if you also want to help others learn when the holiday will be celebrated in the US and Saudi Arabia, please share this post!

Final Words:

When Is Eid Al Fitr 2022 In Usa Holiday? We hope you have now found the answer! We hope you enjoy this religious holiday no matter where you are.

Learn more about this incredible religious holiday through this link

So, what have you planned for Eid Al Fitr 2022? Let us know in the comments!

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