Here’s What New World Account Owners Can Look Forward to in The New Update.

What New World Account Owners Can Look Forward to in The New Update

What New World Account Owners: New World is an MMO that was released late in 2021. The game takes the player on a journey into the constantly changing world of Aeternum. In New World, players can take on quests to gain experience and improve their skills or explore the world in search of new places and weapons to fight with. 

The world of Aeternum is always changing as more players come. The developers are keen to introduce new content and balance changes to keep the state of New World in a working condition. A new update will bring many changes to the game’s systems and exciting new content! 

Summer Medleyfaire Event 

Last June 23, New World opened a Public Test Realm (PTR) server that introduced the Summer Medleyfaire event in Aeternum. The event brings a festive mood to the game amidst the chaos. The event comes with quests with an NPC called the Maestro. The quests take the player on a hunt for fishes that they can take back to the Maestro to increase their reputation with him, along with the rewards.

The event also introduces musical instruments to New World. In the game, musical instruments are Trade Skills that players can perform solo or in a group. These instruments will need songs that players can unlock by traveling around the map and collecting the pages for the songs. Gamers can also acquire 31 songs total. Gamers receive unique event song sheets and beginning equipment for finishing the event missions.

Its F5 key serves as the basic key set for using devices, which can be created with the outfitting trade ability. Gamers receive experience points and level boosts for singing and playing an item during a song. The player will gain stronger benefits the greater they play (i.e., have a higher artistic Skilled Trade). As added benefit, gamers who watch the show gain the buff as well and have the option of tipping their talented performers. 

Expedition Changes

One of the major things to come from the update is the changes to the game’s Expedition system. Expeditions are New World’s take on dungeons; players will be sent to the dangerous parts of Aeternum to face new threats and unravel more about the game’s story. New World account owners can form a team of up to five players to take on Expeditions. Each Expedition will have its own unique story and rewards. 

The update introduces the Barnacles and Black Powder Expedition, where players face off against Admiral Blackpowder and his crew. The entrance to this Expedition can be found at the docks south of Cutlass Keys.

Expeditions in New World are also changing. The game has an Expedition Mutators system that affects the enemies found in the Expeditions, meaning players have to carefully plan and adjust their gameplay to accommodate the changes. The new update adds three new mutations to the current rotation of mutations: Icebound, Oppressive, and Frenzied.

Another big change for Expeditions is the removal of Tuning Orbs. Before this update, Tuning Orbs are used to enter Expeditions. They can be obtained by crafting them from the Stonecutter’s Bench, with each tuning orb requiring a certain level of the Stonecutting skill. 

The removal of the Tuning Orbs means that Expeditions are easily accessible to all players. In line with this change, the developers placed a limit on the number of times players can run Expeditions at 15 per day or 105 per week for Normal Expeditions, while Mutated Expeditions can be run 25 times a week. To compensate New World account owners who have made an effort to craft Tuning Orbs, each one in their possession will be replaced with a cache that awards loot based on the Turning Orb’s loot table. 

With Expeditions widely accessible, the loot gained from them has been rebalanced as well. Gold gain from expeditions is reduced, but more gold can be acquired from elite chests in the open world of Aeternum or from breach completion bonuses. The new update also introduced Materia, a resource that can be used to craft various Expedition drops. Players can obtain Materia by salvaging named items from Expeditions or by defeating the main boss of the Expedition. Each Expedition will have its own Materia. 

The loot table for Mutator Expeditions has also been rebalanced to give lower-level completions access to more rewards. All Mutator expeditions now also drop all three kinds of accessories, which were previously only two. 

The loot quality overall has been improved as well and is now based on the player’s expertise/level, which means higher-level players are more likely to obtain Epic or Rare loot. Chances of higher-level items dropping from lower-level enemies are also increased. Items of higher quality will have better stat combinations. However, perks are still random for items that are not named. Perks have also been rebalanced. The developers said they improved over 150 perks to make them more viable and useful compared to more powerful perks. 

The update also improves on salvaging loot with the introduction of the Perfect Salvage. Every time a player reuses an object, they have the capacity to finish a Great Salvage, which can provide the supplies or study materials for expertise in the Crafting Profession Skill for crafting New World items

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