What Does Woat Mean (August 2021) Why It Is Trending?

What Does Woat Mean (August 2021) Why It Is Trending? >> This article gives you details about an internet term that’s become trendy due to the mentioned reason here.

With the popularization of the internet and text messaging, some short forms or abbreviations for a few words have become quite common. Users have created short forms for many frequently used words, and they’re being used extensively in this digital age. 

You’ll find that a relatively new word is making rounds on social media platforms called “Woat.” So, keep reading to know the answer to, What Does Woat Mean?

Users in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom are also searching extensively for this term, which has made it somewhat viral. You’ll find all the relevant information in this article.

What is WOAT?

You must have heard of the abbreviation or the term “GOAT,” which stands for “Greatest Of All Time.” The term “WOAT” is also used in the same manner. As you may have guessed, WOAT stands for “Worst Of All Time.” It’s widely used in sports to mock or make fun of any athlete. It’s frequently used to contrast two players by calling them GOAT and WOAT.

What Does Woat Mean?

  • As we already mentioned, WOAT means “Worst Of All Time.”
  • WOAT is also the acronym for World Organisation Against Torture. However, keeping the recent events in mind, the earlier one is related to our scenario.
  • This term has gained some traction after users started comparing players in the ongoing Olympics events.
  • The use of WOAT isn’t limited to sports, and it’s also used for food, art, etc.
  • It has recently gained more traction because of an incident with a popular Olympic medalist swimmer who tweeted this word.
  • What Does Woat Mean? We have already discussed it above.

Why is this Term Trending?

  • Penny Oleksiak, the 21-year-old Canadian swimmer, recently used this word in a tweet. 
  • Users who didn’t know the meaning of this word started searching for it, which made it trendy.
  • Penny Oleksiak won a silver and a bronze medal in this Olympics and has become the most decorated Olympian in Canada.
  • She used this term to describe one of her teachers, who used to bug her to quit swimming and focus wholeheartedly on her studies.
  • She mentioned the teacher in a recent tweet and referred to her as a “WOAT.”
  • What Does Woat Mean? It’s used to describe envious, naive, greedy, arrogant people who qualify as having the worst personalities. It stands for “Worst Of All Time.”
  • Read more about the Olympian here

The Final Verdict   

Social media is one of the most active domains of the internet. Countless people are always talking and discussing something. As the Olympics are ongoing, details about its game and its players’ events are also gaining traction. That’s why a related term became trendy; all the relevant information is available above. 

What are your thoughts and opinions? Kindly share them on this tweet by the celebrated Canadian Olympian in the comments below. To conclude, What Does Woat Mean? It stands for “Worst Of All Time.”

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