AARP When Your Body Attacks Itself (Aug) Read Details!

AARP When Your Body Attacks Itself (Aug) Read Details! >> This article offers crucial details about the latest issue of a popular magazine. Please read the full information here.

Magazines have been quite popular and successful for a long time. They have enjoyed popularity since long before television, and the internet came into the picture. 

To this day, people enjoy reading magazines, and the industry is still running successfully. This industry is quite diverse, and there are different kinds of magazines for different age groups, backgrounds, etc. In the same regard, queries about the new issue of AARP magazine have become trending and made AARP When Your Body Attacks Itself somewhat viral.

It’s become famous in the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, and Canada. Continue reading to get all the essential details.

What is AARP?

AARP is an internet group that focuses on problems and issues that primarily affect older people over fifty. It’s based in the United States, and its former full name was “American Association of Retired Persons.” 

Sources reveal that they have tens of millions of subscribers. They send their latest magazine issues and bulletins to their subscribers. They’re also included among the two biggest circulation publications in the US. AARP When Your Body Attacks Itself is a part of the latest issue of this magazine.

Ethel Percy Andrus, a retired Californian educator, and Leonard Davis, founder of Colonial Penn Group, laid the foundation for AARP in 1958. Sources reveal that AARP sells memberships, insurance, and many other services to their readers.

The Latest Issue of AARP

  • AARP has unveiled their latest August/September month issue.
  • The issue has popular actress Jamie Lee Curtis on the cover.
  • A dedicated special for this actress “Jamie University” will be a part of this issue.
  • In addition, many exciting articles are included in this issue to keep the readers entertained.

Details about AARP When Your Body Attacks Itself

  • The latest AARP issue has an article titled “When Your Body Attacks Itself.”
  • This article discusses the autoimmune diseases that are on the rise.
  • It is a condition when your immune system starts working against you and results in different symptoms.
  • The article offers information about these diseases and how you can best tackle them.
  • It tells you how you find appropriate physicians and keep this condition in check.
  • We cannot offer the complete information given in the article, as it’s available only in their magazine.
  • Get this latest issue if you’re interested in knowing more about AARP When Your Body Attacks Itself.
  • Read more about this latest issue here

The Bottom Line

Magazines have been prevalent for a long time. To this date, many magazine publications put out the latest issues for various kinds of hobbies, interests, and age groups. One of them is AARP, whose target audience is primarily people over the age of fifty. Therefore, an article in its latest issue has become trendy, and we have mentioned all the relevant information about it above. 

What do you think of the AARP magazine? Let us know your opinion on the AARP When Your Body Attacks Itself article in the comments.

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