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If you are a fan of Bridget Fonda, then this article is no less than a treasure for you as it features information about What Does Bridget Fonda Look Like Now.

Do you remember Bridget Fonda? Yes, we are talking about the famous former American Actress. Once a sensation in Hollywood, Fonda is hardly seen publicly after she retires from her acting career. So, we are pretty serious that her fans in the United States are very curious about how she looks now. 

However, this is the end of your wait as we have brought here the real information about What Does Bridget Fonda Look Like Now?

Bridget Fonda Looks at Present

Fonda was last seen in 2009 with her husband at the Los Angles Premiere of Inglourious Basterds. After that, she was never shot publicly in these 12 years. She completely drew a curtain on her life and was not even seen on any of her family members’ social media pages. 

After her retirement, Bridget used to be seen very rarely. She has always loved the privacy. So, naturally, her fans have not seen her in a long time and are very curious about the current appearance of their beloved star. Many people are also curious to know Is Bridget Fonda Still Married To Danny Elfman? The answer is yes. And recently, on 26th January, she was seen in her car with her 17 years old son.

Who Is Bridget Fonda?

The full name is this former actress is Bridget Jane Fonda Elfman. She was born on 27th January 1964, and she belongs to the legendary Fonda family that includes her grandfather Henry Fonda, her father, Peter Fonda and her aunt Jane Fonda. Fonda received her education from the Westlake School for Girls and New York University.

This is the first public picture of Fonda since 2009, where she is seen in a black and white striped top, and baggy trousers with her grey hair pulled back. What Does Bridget Fonda Look Like Now? She looks unrecognizable at first sight.

Fonda made her debut in the films at the age of 5 in her father’s film, Easy Rider, in 1969. She successfully carried forward the legacy of the Fonda family by establishing herself as an eminent actress. 

Bridget’s Retirement

In 2003 Bridget met a horrible car accident, and due to this tragedy, she suffered a serious back injury. In the same year, she got engaged to eminent musician Danny Elfman. After this event, Fonda completely retired from the film industry to become a family person and a mother.

Her last work was Snow Queen in 2002. She has received two Golden Globe Award nominations and one Emmy nomination. While looking at the Bridget Fonda Recent Photos, we learned that some of her most popular works include Single White Female, Scandal, The Godfather Part Three, Point of No Return, It Could Happen to You, etc. 

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The sight of Fonda running errands in LA as a complete family person has surprised her fans. Her unrecognizable appearance has left everyone in awe. You can visit the here to know more about Fonda. If you have any thoughts about What Does Bridget Fonda Look Like Now, kindly share with us.

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