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Does How Passover 2022 has details of the Passover festival celebrated by the Jews community in most parts of the world.

Some festivals of different faiths and religions fall very close to each other, do you know which one? Passover is one of them. Easter Monday and Passover are often celebrated simultaneously as both follow the full moon and follow the lunar cycle.

The Festival of Good Friday and Easter Monday is celebrated by Christians in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The Passover festival is celebrated by Jews community in the same country, and there are various stories behind it.

Would you wish to  know everything about this Jews festival? Keep reading Does How Passover 2022 till the end.

Jews Festival Passover:

The Passover festival celebrates the Liberation of the children of Israel; according to Exodus, they were taken out of Egypt by Moshes. This act of liberation of children of Israel from Egypt after slavery of 210 is celebrated by Jews community.

Their holy book states that Passover has been celebrated since 1300 BC, and God promised this freedom of slavery. Jews commemorate this occasion by visiting their pilgrimage in Jerusalem. As per their holy book Torah’s tenth commandment, they have to visit their pilgrimage center thrice in one year, and Passover is one among them.

How Long Does Passover 2022:

The Passover festival celebrates freedom and hope by the Jews communities in different parts of the world. In 2022 this festival will start on the 15th of April and continue for one week ending on the 23rd of April evening.

This is the harvesting season, and Jews community also celebrates it as a festival of hope. The date for Passover is determined by the Hebrew calendar, which follows the lunar cycle. The festival starts when the moon is full and falls in March or April in the modern calendar.

The reason for both Easter and Passover falling close is that they follow the moon’s cycle.

Does How Passover 2022:

Jews celebrate this festival for different reasons as it has a long history and is also mentioned in its holy book. So basically, it is marked as an occasion for freedom, pilgrimage, harvesting, and production of new crops.

The agricultural community celebrates it as an occasion of harvest and production. People living in other areas celebrate it by visiting the Jews temple in Jerusalem. The first and last days of the festival are marked by having a complete rest day.

Nowadays, Jews observe eight days to celebrate this festival so that everybody gets the chance to celebrate Passover.

Greetings For Passover:

As far as greetings are concerned, Do Say You Happy Passover 2022 or other greeting messages. Some greetings for the Passover festival are mentioned below.

  • Happy Passover 2022 can be greetings in English.
  • Chag Sameach or Chad Pesach Sameach in Hebrew.

The English translation for Hebrew greetings is Happy Passover Holidays.

Final verdict: 

In most traditions, people follow the moon and sun cycle to celebrate different festivals, resulting in holidays falling on the same day. Easter Monday, and Passover follow the moon cycle; therefore, their dates coincide in 2022 also.

Jews community celebrating this festival can share their views on the Passover  festival in the comment section of Does How Passover 2022.

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