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Valanio Reviews {March 2022} Is This An Online Scam Site?

Valanio Online Website Reviews

Please read this article to learn more about the Valanio Reviews and their trustworthiness.

Are you a shopaholic? Do you want to be a fashionista? Are you confused about where to go for style and new dresses? Are you looking for a website that will provide you with a beautiful summer collection? If your answer is yes, there is a platform that claims to offer all these at an affordable price.

The e-commerce platform currently ships its product everywhere, including Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Please read the article to know more about Valanio Reviews to have an understanding of its product.

What is the Valanio website?

It is an e-commerce shopping platform known for appealing summer as well as winter collections. It has dresses including casuals, jackets, sweaters, tops, etc. In addition, the website offers dresses at discounted prices. The group is divided into many parts, including Mini, Maxi, Vacation, Printed, and Outskirts.


  • URL:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: St. John Street, London, England.
  • Contact: +447482875871 is the contact number provided.
  • Category: Website selling women’s dresses of every occasion and variety.
  • Return Policy: The website contains a 30 days return policy.
  • Refund Policy: The amount will be refunded if it’s cancelled within 24 hours of purchase.
  • Plagiarism: while looking for Is Valanio Legit? We found the website have plagiarized content similar to other fake websites.

Pros and Cons of the website:

The legitimacy of the website can be understood by analyzing the pros and cons of the website. Every customer looks into the advantages and disadvantages of the website to understand the real and uniqueness of the website.


  • The website deals with a wide range of women’s clothing.
  • The website claims to have discounted prices on every product.
  • The website claims to have a well-defined refund and return policy of 30 days.
  • The website claims to ship its products throughout the world.
  • Valanio Reviews claims to be good, and customers claim to be satisfied with the product.


  • The website does not have any owner’s information.
  • The reviews are too good to be true.
  • The discounted prices are too cheap to sell the products for any seller.
  • Life expectancy is very short-lived. 

The website has a variety of women’s products, from summer to winter, at affordable prices. In addition, the website claims to provide free worldwide shipping if the customer shops up to a certain amount.

The main issue concerning the website is that the website does not have the founder’s information. The website also displays plagiarized content.

Is Valanio Legit? Read to know the legitimacy of the website.

  • Domain Age: The website was founded on 15th July 2021. It is just three months and six days old.
  • Payment Option: The website does not mention the payment options. But it claims to accept payment from a wide range of countries.
  • Social Media presence: The website claims to be present on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Trust score: The website shows a 1% of trust score, which is quite alarming.
  • Owner’s Information: The website does not have any owner’s information.
  • Customer’s Review: The Valanio Reviews are available that claim to have beautiful dresses and are satisfied by the company.
  • Alexa Ranking: The Alexa ranking of the website is not available. It is a matter of great concern for the customer.
  • The website is suspected of having high Malware attacks due to the absence of metadata in the website.
  • The website has been detected by HTTPS protocol.

Reviews from the customers are as critical as the trustworthiness of any website. The website has some excellent reviews from the customers in the website itself.

Valanio Reviews 

Our research of independent customer reviews shows that this website’s customers majorly have received good products and the products are genuine. But all these reviews are present on the official website only, no external reviews are found for this platform. Hence this website can be considered as a suspicious one.

The majority of the customers have referred this website to other people for shopping. These kinds of reviews as present on the official website might be marked by the holder itself.

If you want to stay safe and learn about fraudulent websites and PayPal Scams, click here.


Therefore, our final verdict about the Valanio website is that it is not a legit platform. Valanio Reviews by the customers also gives the positive insight but there are many other factors too but we cannot ignore and can consider it a dubious platform and hence not recommending you. You can learn more about this site.

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    1. You cannot send back . I tried already and they won’t exchange or refund. I was immediately suspicious when my items were sent to me with no refund or exchange documents. They offered me 18$ on a 93$ purchase. Eventually they offered 42$. This is a scam . The clothing I received was of poor quality and not as pictured. They claim they can’t reimburse me because they are shipping from Asia. Yet they claim clothing made in the US. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM unless you are willing to take a big gamble. You cannot return items. I contacted my bank to deal with this situation.

  1. I ordered two items ,one for and one as a gift. I wasn’t thrilled with the quality of the one I wanted to gift. As I was looking for a return slip I noticed a tag on the bags they came in that said made in China, all advertisements states made and made in the U S. Then I contacted customer service to get my return slip,and was offered a $7.00 refund and I could keep the top. I declined and was offered $10.00,final offer. I was told the returns are in Dubai and it it costly it was totally my responsibility. I an very upset about this and sorry I got involved.Beware to anyone..

    1. Hello Karyl Newton, sorry to hear you got such products. Be patient and check the genuine portals. Currently, the fraudulent are cheating buyers anyways. They are much smarter. Only moto to make money. So be careful. Take care. Thanks for the information.

      1. If you read their return/refund policy, it states ONLY if there is a defect in the product or workmanship- NOT for poor sizing.

    2. That is also my exact experience. I ordered the tops as Christmas gifts November 28. They did not arrive until January 10 so I bought other Christmas gifts. I have been trying to return as the website says you can do but to no avail. At first they offered me $5 and keep them. I have explained that they are not my sizes and expect the full refund of $121.57. Then the offer changes by a few more dollars. If I want to return I too had to pay the shipping expense to Dubai. Please stay away from this company. I tried to write a previous review but it was removed. We’ll see what happens here. I question the legitimacy of this company.

    1. Hello Inez Bussey, Few portals have the same problem they send orders, but the quality is not good as advertised. Henceforth, try to reach the known portals so it shows quality assurance also. Be aware and take care.

  2. I ordered two blouses from Valanio almost three weeks ago, I’ve emailed them and they keep telling me the tracking number isn’t ready yet. I’m going to cancel and never order from these people again.

  3. i am so disappointed in the mechandise i recieved the 2 shirts with the tiosy santa wine glass was suppose to have sequins the picture you displayed on your site made it look like it had bling, what i recieved was a cheap iron on with no bling at all, i wouldn’t wear this to any christmas party it looks cheap i feel i got scammed by your company never buy from your again i should have just got the plain shirt with no embelishment mad disgusted that you tok my money and gave me not what i ordered and now it’s too late to exchange for christmas

    1. Hello julianne richards, it feels sad to hear you got low quality shirts. Kindly please check the reviews before you purchase, it will help to know about the products. Your message will help other buyers. Thanks.

    2. I totally agree . I was very disappointed . Not sparkly at all . Basically a t shirt with a transfer on . Cheap and nasty looking !

      1. Hello Moira Nicholson, Yes most of the portals have same problem. They dispatch products, but they are of low quality. Better you reach familiar sites, you will get a quality product. It will take some time to know, but you will be happy. Be aware. Take care.

  4. Don’t order from this company! There is no customer service number to call to get a refund. They offer you a fraction of what the items cost to keep them and not have to refund your money. Facebook should boot them off the site. Not reputable.

    1. Hello Julene, Stay alert and aware. Thanks for the information. Yes, if some can ban such sites, please do it. The buyers are suffering and losing money. So stay away from such fake portals. Thanks.

  5. I also 3 tops about 5 weeks ago. Have not received them. First they shipped on November 13 but after inquiring on the 27th then they said they shipped on the 27th and apparently they were in California and probably overseas eas somewhere to begin with. If I ever do get these items, I am already expecting them to not be of good quality. Lesson learned at my expense….never again.

    1. Hello Barbara Atkins, Sorry to hear such incidents are occurring frequently with some portals. It’s a long time gap of 5 weeks. These techniques are used by the cheaters. But you try, if you can get your order. They are just to earn money. Do update us.

      1. I purchased a dress that took over 2 months to receive. It didn’t fit and when I contacted them about returning dress they took a couple of weeks to reply. When they did, they offered me $8 and told me to keep the dress. I replied I didn’t want $8 I want to return the dress and get my money back. Next reply offered $15. Same reply from me. Now they reply offering me $20 (I paid $60) said that is the best they can do. And if I want to return the dress I have to pay shipping to Dubai! Do not order from here. Lesson learned.

  6. I ordered the wrong quantity. When I realized it minutes later, i could not find a customer service number.

    I did sent an email ask that they cancel my order immediately!!

    I need to confirm this cancellation via a phone number!!

    Let’s see what happens!!

  7. just checking on my order placed Dec 5th have not heard a single word. These are Christmas gifts website said made in the U.S.A. Greenwood IN. so i don’t what’s taking so long invoice #2899597 . Please get back to so i know what’s going on and where my order is thank you Deborah Holden

  8. Scammed. Awful quality and not what was expected. Tried to return and offered $5 to keep it. I should not have paid $45 thinking it had bling on it. It didn’t.

  9. You cannot send back . I tried already and they won’t exchange or refund. I was immediately suspicious when my items were sent to me with no refund or exchange documents. They offered me 18$ on a 93$ purchase. Eventually they offered 42$. This is a scam . The clothing I received was of poor quality and not as pictured. They claim they can’t reimburse me because they are shipping from Asia. Yet they claim clothing made in the US. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM unless you are willing to take a big gamble. You cannot return items. I contacted my bank to deal with this situation.

  10. This company is a scam. Poor quality clothing 1 of 5 items was okay, keeping 2. Asked for refund they offered me a refund of 12$ 14$ then 21$ I did not accept they came back with $26 final keep the tops. OR pay high shipping cost to return. Valaino stated U.S. Product, tags on product state made in China. I have contacted my credit card company to dispute. We will see what happens. In the meantime DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM VALANIO, POOR quality, customer service… SCAM!!

  11. BUYER BEWARE. I should have read these reviews before I bought but their items looked so cute and their site said everything was made in 2 US sites. Total lie, it took over a month to get to me, sizes are very small and now I find out there is no return. If you follow their online measurement suggestions, they are not the correct size. Just like the other customers are saying, they offer you pennies on the dollar and tell you to keep the items. They don’t fit, what am I supposed to do with them. Very unhappy. Not sure what recourse I have. I’ve been scammed out of $200!!!!!

    1. Hello Geralyn, we feel sad, you have not received the correct order. Nowadays, they use such tricks and earn money easily without any hard work. Did you try to reach them again? Buyers, please check the reviews before you proceed with any transactions. Stay updated. Thank you.

  12. I placed an order for 3 tops and 3 weeks later still hadn’t shipped so they told me one item still waiting for and couldn’t ship separately so I could wait or cancel the one top which I did. The two tops came and like so many other comments I have read, they looked nothing like what was advertised plus they charged my card for all 3 tops. Now they will not respond to my messages on refunding me the 46.99 for top that I canceled, or for an exchange. Wish I had seen this site before I ordered from them. I thought I was supporting a USA made company but in reality it’s just a scam!

  13. I’m so thankful that I read all of these reviews. I was going to order several blouses and 2 dresses. I decided to read some reviews and boy am I happy I didn’t go through with the order.. Sounds like a total rip off..

  14. Valanio is a complete scam.. I ordered 4 sweaters after reviewing their website assuring m I could make returns – no such luck. COMPLETE RIPOFF!!!!

  15. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. Same thing happened. Ordered 3 tops for $113. They did NOT look ANYTHING like the pictures, nor did they fit like a small. They fit and looked more like a big, old housecoat. The one said “gold” and looked all shiny. In reality it was brown and had no gold on it. Then when I asked for a refund they offered me $15. The fourth time I asked for my money back they offered me $40. I will NEVER buy from them again.

  16. Does anyone have an address to return product to? The return address says “Joe Doe”. Nothing on internet states where to return. Product was cheaply made. Does not look like pictures.

  17. Wish I had found these reviews first. I’ve tried to get a return code but have never received an answer. There’s $78 in the trash. I’ll just give to Goodwill rather than spend another dime with this company

    1. Hello Alice Cantrell, Yes, this is the way of scamming. They give such reasons and at last, the buyers get tired to keep track. So, they earn money without any hard work. At last, the buyers have to suffer.

  18. The clothing runs small. I have been trying to return now for a week. No one responds. The best way to deal with a company like this is to leave bad reviews on Facebook and Google.

      1. Horrible company false advertisement….says all clothes are made in the USA, they are made in Dubai. They offered me to keep the clothes and would give me $50 credit, I declined and turned them in on facebook for false advertisement. I keep commenting on their posts, but they delete the negative ones, warning people never to buy from Valanio! They are awful!

  19. Ordered a blouse on 4-20-22, received an email that the order had shipped on 4-25, and gave me a tracking number. As of today, 5-16-22, I keep getting the same message on the tracking that I received on 4-25, “LABEL CREATED, NOT YET IN THE SYSTEM” After many emails asking where this order is, all I get back at 2am because they are not in the United States as they state, is to be patient. I have asked for this to be cancelled and a full refund at least 20 times now and just get ignored. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS “COMAPNY” AS THEY ARE LIARS AND SCAM PEOPLE!

    1. Hello DONNA TACKETT, Did they provide you with any dispatch date or a tracking number? Just check if they email you back? Please update the details here. Be careful. Thanks. Take care.

  20. I placed an order April 21 2022.On April 25th I got an email saying it was shipped with a tracking number.The tracking still says label created It is now May 16th.I have contacted to get told over & over it was shipped.The last time I contacted them I told them if I didnt have it by May 13th I would be contecting them once again.To get an email back saying ” OK!!!!!” Now that isnt a way to treat a customer.I am very upset

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