Ousama Manga Ranking {Dec 2021} Complete Information!

This news is a complete insight into the latest information on the world’s most active anime and Manga website about the Ousama Manga Ranking.

New episodes of Japanese comedy series released for entertainment purposes are popular among the kids. People are checking out the latest information to ensure your kids have a deep knowledge of new series and Japanese culture with the comedy scripts and characters. 

People from Worldwide are waiting for the online website official release date of New Japanese Manga. Have you registered for the Fuji TV pet shows for several children’s series when they are translated?

Our experts have also mentioned Ousama Manga Ranking.

About Ousama Manga 

The name is also known in the Ousama Manga of ranking of kings in the Japanese Manga series. This comedy series was written by Sosuke Toka, released officially in May 2017 as a website with 11 volumes. The story of Manga centres on the character of bojji, who is a deaf and powerless Prince. Being the firstborn son, he has no power and fist to lift the children’s sword!

Inspiring children to focus on success stories that can tell them about the models of daily life and Ousama Manga teach them an understanding of life with certain characters that play the role of a fateful encounter. People are excited to check out new episodes one after another on the official website.

Ousama Manga Ranking: Characters

Let us endorse you with a brief knowledge of Ousama Manga Characters. 

  • Bojji is the first prince of the Boss Kingdom who is deaf and weak to lift the sword. Nevertheless, he dreams of being a great king one day.
  • Kage is the shadow clan of assassins and hasn’t the ability to steal and hide for his survival.
  • Hailing is the second wife of the king and the boss of the Kingdom and biological mother of daida.
  • Daida is the second prince of the boss Kingdom and half-brother of bojji-as per Ousama Manga Ranking.
  • Dormas is the strongest warrior out of all 4 in the Kingdom by the name of swordmaster. He also teaches bojji- and gives him training.
  • Bevin is the second strongest warrior in the boss Kingdom by the name of snake trainer and is in charge of training daida about sword techniques. 
  • Apis is the next strongest warrior in the boss Kingdom also. He is the king’s spear who dedicates himself to being the king of Boss Kingdom by Ousama Manga Ranking.
  • Drush is called the queen’s shield as he is in charge of protecting in hilling. 

Ousama Manga Website Ranking

With the recent episode of 23rd, these comedy series have been listed as the best online via Echoes.


Our experts state that this Manga series is a fun and excellent way of enjoying adventure and fantasy at the same time for kids. Moreover, with the video posted out for every chapter on Fuji TV, one can easily access it. 

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