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Latest News Update Speech Services By Google

This article on Update Speech Services By Google will guide these new updated features, Google’s text-to-speech.

Google has proven like a god gift for its users. They have provided many services like language translation, voice search services, etc. People in Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, and other parts have been blessed with their services.

Update Speech Services By Google has been another blessing for the users. The update in their services will ease the lives of the people. You can access these services on your Android phone.

What is the use of Speech Services?

Google presented speech services for their users. It is the Screen Recorder service that is applicable on Android systems. It enables you to speak all the texts shown on the screen with the help of multiple languages. The services like text-to-speech are utilized by apps like Google Play Books, Google Translate, Google Talkback. All these apps use such services for different purposes.

Update Speech Services By Google

The speech services by google have been updated with new functionality. You can power up your device with this magic service of Google. The text-to-speech service by google enables one to read aloud the words depicted on the screen. This service has been updated for Android users. So, if you are an Android user, you add this magic to your device. 

There is a procedure to enable this feature, and we will discuss the procedure to enable this feature in the upcoming paragraphs. First, we hope that you must have learned about the Update Speech Services By Google. Let us now further discuss the procedure to enable this feature.

Procedure to enable Speech Services

To enable google speech services, you need to follow these steps.

  • First, go to the settings of your phone.
  • Then search language and input options, click on that option.
  • Then, you will find the text-to-speech option. Click on that option. Now, you can select the speech services.

Following these methods will help you in using this function. This feature will be helpful for all the users. We talk about the motive and way to enable this feature in your device, but now we will discuss some uses of this Update Speech Services By Google.

Uses of this feature

There are multiple uses of this feature. This feature has made the life of the people easier as now they can use these features to improve their reading. For example:

  • This feature is most suitable for Google Playbook, where you can read your favorite book loudly.
  • To hear the correct pronunciation of any word, you can speak the translations loudly in Google Translate.
  • It can also be used in the Google Talkback feature.

There are multiple uses of this feature. So, without wasting any time, enable these features as soon as possible and enjoy the benefits.


Based on Update Speech Services By Google, we talked about the procedure to enable this feature and how useful this feature is. So, if you want to enable this feature, you can read this article. You can check more details on Google Speech Services on this link.

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