Worxbee Reviews (Jan) Executive Assistant Solutions!

Worxbee Online Website Reviews

Want to know about this new EA services website? Is it legit and trustable? Read Worxbee Reviews and find out

Looking for online services from private companies can be hectic. You find something really good, but then, you do not know if it is trustable or legit. 

Today, we are here to discuss a similar website- worxbee.com. Recently, people have been inquiring more about it so, here we are with its analysis. 

We will cater to your questions like – is it available in the United States only or in any other country like Canada; is it legit and trustable; what do the Worxbee Reviews indicate, and more. So, continue reading this blog as you will find it helpful.

What is Worxbee.com?

Worxbee.com is the official website of this well-established company providing Executive Assistant Solutions to other companies in the US only. 

It is the ultimate place for all your EA requirements as they strive to provide you with an amazing Executive Assistant experience. 

The company focuses on constantly advancing and distributing key resources to their Executive Assistants and the leaders they support; thus, making business better for the future. 

We will further discuss this company’s services in Worxbee Reviews

Services offered by Worxbee

  • Executive Assistant Support
  • Support for Integrators and Visionaries
  • Executive Assistant Enterprise Support

When does an Executive Assistant Come in Handy?

  • When all your emails and calendar are messy, and you immediately need to organize them.
  • You are unable to take a break from work for a real vacation.
  • When you realize that you are behind on your admin tasks.
  • Or when you realize that important dates, events, and other details are slipping away from your hand. 

Worxbee Team

In Worxbee Reviews, we mention here their entire team listed on the website:

  • Kenzie Biggins- Founder, CEO, and Visionary
  • Angela Wynn- COO and Integrator
  • Amie Irwin- Support Manager
  • Dylan Smith- Business Development Manager
  • Jessie Wallace- Finance
  • Lisa Riley- EA to CEO and COO
  • Cheryl Harris- EA to Operations and Finance

Is Worxbee Legit?

Please consider the following details to analyze the legitimacy of worxbee.com: 

  • Domain age: 5 years, 2 months, and 4 days; 7th November 2016
  • Domain expiration date: 7th November 2022
  • Trust score: 86/100
  • Trust Rank: 75.5/100 
  • Alexa rank: #845,879
  • Plagiarized content: none
  • Customer reviews: not available 
  • About Us page: given
  • Owner’s information: the founder, Kenzie Biggins, is mentioned on the website

Worxbee Reviews

As mentioned earlier, there are no customer reviews or ratings available on the Internet regarding worxbee.com.

We do not know why there is no availability of reviews on the Internet even though this website is well-established.

However, if you have anything to share regarding worxbee.com, please feel free to comment in the comment section below.

The Final Verdict

Recently, in an interview, the CEO of Worxbee, Kenzie Biggins, talked about how she was frowned upon when she talked about the whole virtual EA idea. 

We saw that worxbee.com is a well-established and well-maintained company. However, as no Worxbee Reviews are available, we suggest you do a little more research. 

You can check their LinkedIn profile and other social media platforms to analyze the website and check for customer reviews to trust its services. 

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