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Read this article to discover the details for a social media platform launched by the former President and reveal the workings of the Truthsocial com App. 

Are you waiting for Trump’s Social Media App? What will be the purpose of this app? For which all devices are the interface launched yet?

Donald Trump is recently in the hype at all media channels and over the internet after he has disclosed the news about his app launch. This United States-based application is free for all users, giving them a platform to express their thoughts.

Please scroll down the headers mentioned below in this article to know the details for Truthsocial com App, revealing its working, interface and other related facts.

What is Truth social App?

The app is considered America’s Big tent, as Truth Social is another social media platform launched for users by the former American President- Donald Trump. The social media platform is also known under the name of trump social media platform, owned and operated by TMTG (T Media Tech LLC. Technology Group).

The app is sold on the app store by TMTG. The sole motive of this platform is to encourage free, open and honest dialogues from people without any political distinction limits.

Features of the Truthsocial com App:

The app’s tagline says- increase the reach for your voice by joining and signing up with TRUTH deals, posting videos and photos for the scenarios to keep the world updated, and come with their own Pre-TR and TRUTH. Some of the prominent platform’s features that you need to know are-

  • Truth Feed- Like all the other platforms, users will be able to scroll down the posts and videos shared by people worldwide, exploring the feed for increased facts.
  • Profile- The app allows you to set your unique profile, background, and avatar. Truthsocial com App allows you to track people with similar activities, connecting them with you for increased, and better links.
  • Notifications- Get notified for every follower, and activity related to your account, track who is following you and be able to see your feed.

How to get the App for Play Store and Apple Store?

We want to inform our readers that the app has not been launched yet for installation. But, you can pre-order the same on the Apple Store. Furthermore, the app launch for android users has not been discussed yet, with the rumors of launching soon floating over the internet.

  • To install Truthsocial com Appopen the play store and search the same. Find the one launched by TMTG and install it on your devices for increased reach.
  • For Apple Users, search the app on your App Store. Go for the one launched by TMTG, click on pre-orders and install to know the details.

Final Verdict:

Donald Trump and his app for Truth Social are already at a hype in the United StatesHowever, as already mentioned, it has not yet been launched. Easy installations steps and working of the same is therefore explained in the article for better clarity.

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