How To Update Service Nsw App (March 2022) Process Explained!

The guide shares the helpful guide on How to Update Service Nsw App to access the new functions.  

Scanning the QR codes on different venues before entering is the new normal in New South Wales. It is done using the Service NSW Application. But, like other applications, the Service NSW App also needs a regular update to keep things smoother always. 

After the recent update, the residents in New South Wales will be able to link the COVID-19 digital vaccination certificate with their Service NSW App. It will make COVID-19 testing easier both for workers and pub commuters. 

So, residents in Australia now want to know How to Update Service Nsw App for smooth processing.

What is Service NSW App?

Service NSW App is the mobile application designed with the privacy of residents in mind. Users can set up the simple sign-in function to access their device’s biometric to sign-up and use the hardware. 

The application uses the device’s camera to scan the QR codes in a different establishment to know if it is a COVID safe business or not. It can be used as the Digital Driver License verifier.         

However, users are allowed to remove all these permission when using the device settings. But, the future version and updates of the application need special permission to offer some advanced functions. The new version is available now, and people in Australia want to know How to Update Service Nsw App. Continue reading to know how to update the service NSW app.

What are the New Updates on the Latest Version of Service NSW App?

Here is the list of things that are added in the latest version of the Service NSW App. After updating the application, you will get access to:

  • COVID-19 resources 
  • COVID-19 Safe Check-In
  • Digital Licenses 
  • Vehicle Registration Checks and Renewal
  • Driver Licenses Verifier
  • Demerits and Fines  

These are some of the new features that are added to the latest version of the application.

How to Update Service Nsw App?

There are many users of the Service NSW App, and they want to know how they can update their existing app to access these features and functionalities.

Android Mobile

If you are using an android device, you have to update the existing Service NSW App from the Google Play Store. 

  • Go to the section of “My App.”
  • Check for available updates
  • Click on the icon of “Service NSW App.”
  • Check on “Update” and wait until the update is complete  

These are the steps on How to Update Service Nsw App on an Android device.

iOS Device

  • Go to the Apple App Store
  • Search for the “Service NSW App”
  • And check if the latest version of the right app is available
  • Click on the “Update” button, and the application will get updated  


Service NSW App is the widely used application across New South Wales. Residents are using it for different purposes. But, the new update allows the users to link their vaccination certificates for smooth transactions.

So, if you want to make the COVID testing smoother for all, update and link your certification today. Use the above guide on How to Update Service Nsw App and update it today to access the new functions.  

Do you use Service NSW App? What is your opinion? Please, share it in the comment section below. 

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