Total Shield 5g Protection Review {April} Is It Worthful

Read Total Shield 5g Protection Review to understand the purpose of the product, its features, advantages, and customer feedback.

Did you know that electronic devices generate electromagnetic radiations that are not good for human beings? Such electromagnetic radiation is generated at a high rate by cell phone towers, electric transponders, cell phones, cordless devices, wireless routers, Wi-Fi, baby monitors, and almost all electronic devices. Such radiations affect sensitive people worsening fatigue, sluggishness, nausea, irritability, dizziness, eye strain (or) rashes.

Let’s read about Total Shield 5g Protection Review, a product designed in the United States to neutralize such frequencies.


Total Shield 5g Protection is an electronic device that uses Copper Tesla Coils to generate a frequency that can neutralize negative radiations. Total Shield 5g Protection has two coils. One coil automatically detects the rate of negative frequencies present in the surrounding area and generates a counter frequency to neutralize it. The second coil generates a 7.83 frequency, a replica of Earth’s magnetic field resonant frequency.

The Total Shield 5g Protection comes in four variants: one coil, two coils, three coils, and four coils. Total Shield 5g Protection Review ascertained that two coils are offered the best option. They cover an area of 28,280 Sq.ft. and are suitable for current households and offices with a considerable number of electronic items.

How to use it?

  1. Place Total Shield 5g Protection at a central location at your home (or) office.
  2. Plugin the AC adaptor and connect it to Total Shield 5g Protection.
  3. Select EP, GW (or) both modes.


Effective Coverage Area:

  • 1 Coil—20,000Sq.Ft
  • 2 Coils—28,280Sq.Ft
  • 3 Coils—34,641Sq.Ft
  • 4 Coils—40,000Sq.Ft
  • Magnetic Opposition—1H Oersted per 20,000Sq.Ft grid line nulling.


  • 1 Coil—$325.00
  • 2 Coils—$400.00
  • 3 Coils—$470.00
  • 4 Coils—$525.00
  • 5G Antenna(optional)—$100.00
  • Total Shield 5g Protection Review confirms its Brand—Total Shield
  • Buy at—,,, and
  • Region of Manufacture—Gilbert, Arizona, United States
  • Main Purpose—Protection from EMFs
  • Material—Copper Tesla Coil
  • Manufacturer Warranty—1 Yr
  • Power Requirements—9-15V, includes an AC Wall Adapter
  • Weight—1.5 Pounds
  • Dimensions—9.5″x4.5″
  • Best Placement—at a Central Location
  • Minimum Field Input—1XE-12V/Sq.Mts.


  • Total Shield 5g Protection protects you from harmful frequencies
  • Beneficial for people facing health issues due to Electro Magnetic Frequencies
  • It can operate on Geopathic Stress mode, EMF Protection mode (or) both

Disadvantages determined in Total Shield 5g Protection Review:

  • Total Shield 5g Protection is not a popular brand even after a long time of existence
  • Customer feedback pointed out at negative effects on humans and pets
  • Total Shield 5g Protection did not show any difference on EMF meters

Is it effective and Valued?

Let’s review Total Shield 5g Protection and its brand to check if it is value for money.

About the brand:

  • Information about Total Shield company owning this type of products and its official website is not listed on shopping sites
  • No specific information about the brand is available on the internet, making it a generic brand
  • The company and brand do not have a social media presence
  • Total Shield 5g Protection Review, ratings, Trust Score, Business, and Alexa ranking for Total Shield is unavailable.

About the product:

  • Total Shield 5g Protection has been available for sale since March 2013.
  • Total Shield 5g Protection is sold on reputed shopping sites like,, etc.
  • Customers had received Total Shield 5g Protection delivery and posted neutral feedback.
  • The effectiveness of Total Shield 5g Protection was acknowledged by users. Please read the review below to learn more.

Hence, Total Shield 5g Protection is a potentially genuine product. But, no data is available for its brand, Total Shield.

Customer Total Shield 5g Protection Review:

One YouTube review provided neutral feedback about Total Shield 5g Protection; 78 customer reviews on shopping sites rated it 4/5 stars. There are no product reviews available on reviewing websites, the internet, and social media.

Approximately 21% of customers provided negative feedback stating that Total Shield 5g Protection made their pets uncomfortable, disturbed the sleeping pattern of users, some users felt tingling sensations when they were near the device, numbness in their arms, no changes were detected on EMF meter, the product was not effective at all. Hence, Know About Product Legitimacy to avoid being scammed.


Total Shield 5g Protection Review concludes that it is potentially a legitimate product. Though customers had received the product and approximately 74% of customers had provided positive feedback, many customers mentioned its ill effects. Therefore, we advise you consider other alternatives as better and reputed products are available on the internet. 

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