Top 5 News From Plate Rolling Industry That You Don’t Want to Miss

The metal plate rolling industry continues to thrive, with a market value of $8,238.3 million in 2022, as per Future Marketing Insights’ study. Quality service and precision have become paramount for industry leaders, ensuring success in the ever-present demand for metal plate rolling. New-age shipping, space travel and other industries utilize metal plates. They construct equipment for fulfilling their operations and obtaining desired results.

Here are 5 noteworthy updates from the metal plate rolling machine industry that you should stay informed about:

Top 5 News from Metal Plate Rolling Machine Industry

The plate rolling industry has shown continuous growth over the past few years. And we need to address both important updates from the industry. So, here are some news and some important updates which will help you if you are from the metal plate forming or metal plate rolling industry.

1) Rise of CNC Plate Roll

Human error is an unreliable factor, while machines excel in comprehending the language of machinery. Enter the Computer Numeric Control (CNC) plate roll, an indispensable asset that enhances your production capabilities, safeguarding against potential operator absence or outdated equipment limitations.

A robust CNC system empowers you to control multiple axes of your plate rolling machine, feeding table, clamping devices, and other essential accessories crucial in achieving precise bends and rolls of metal plates.

CNC Plate roll not only enhances accuracy but streamlines development of irregular shapes and consistent production of desired shapes. Below are few major benefits of a CNC plate roll.

Benefits of CNC plate rolls include:

  • Consistent leading and trailing edges
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Automation for diverse bending tasks
  • Streamlined development of irregular shapes
  • Consistent production of desired shapes
  • Reliable performance in both high and low-intensity bending operations

2) 37% Jump in CAGR for Plate Rolling Machine Market

As industry frontrunners like Himalaya Machinery, APAC-Faccin, Davi, AMB Picot, YSD, and many more, we have consistently strived to offer customers top-of-the-line equipment, enabling them to achieve their utmost manufacturing capacity.

In a recent study conducted by MRA Accuracy Reports our industry’s growth and prospects were analyzed through a comprehensive PESTLE analysis. This analytical framework explored crucial factors that shape our industry’s landscape:

P – Political factors: Understanding the impact of government policies, regulations, and geopolitical dynamics on our operations.

E – Economical factors: Assessing the economic climate, market trends, and financial considerations that influence our industry’s trajectory.

S – Social factors: Recognizing the evolving societal preferences, cultural shifts, and consumer demands that shape our market landscape.

T – Technological factors: Embracing technological advancements, innovative solutions, and digital transformations that drive our industry forward.

L – Legal factors: Navigating the legal and regulatory frameworks, compliance requirements, and intellectual property rights crucial to our operations.

E – Environmental factors: Embracing sustainability, eco-conscious practices, and environmental considerations to promote responsible manufacturing.

3) Vertical Metal Plate Rolling is Here for Tank Manufacturers

Vertical metal plate rolling, although not a new technique, has garnered significant attention in recent years, especially within the tank manufacturing industry. This innovative approach allows manufacturers to bend their metal plates vertically, revolutionizing their production processes.

Historically, concerns arose regarding the irregular shaping of workpieces due to the gravitational effect during bending. However, the advent of tilting and feeding tables has addressed this challenge, enabling efficient and precise vertical bending. Manufacturers can now achieve exceptional results without compromising on quality or consistency.

Tilting and feeding tables have made it possible to hold metal plates firmly. A metal plate rolling operator would understand how necessary it is for a metal plate to be uniformly rolled with minimal distortion. Engineers are to be thanked for manufacturing such machines that are dedicated to specific purposes.

4) 2023 May Recall Restocked Inventory and Expensive Steel Prices

Global pricing dynamics often follow a familiar pattern of fluctuation, and the steel industry is no exception. In recent times, steel prices hit such lows that 20% of experts believed it would plummet to $500/ton, while another 20% predicted a range around $700/ton.

However, maintaining prices around $500/ton proves challenging as mills need to sustain profitability beyond the sale of steel. This figure is more akin to a breakeven point, indicating an imminent upward trajectory. Notably, mills have recently raised prices, leading 30% of industry insiders to anticipate steel prices of $700/ton in 2023.

This pricing evolution directly impacts the metal-bending industry, as the anticipated surge in steel demand in 2023 surpasses previous expectations from the end of 2022. Demand for metal plates is not going to decrease anytime soon which is something to keep in mind if you are a manufacturer.

5) EU Steel Industry will get Free Carbon Allowances till 2032

The EU’s steel industry will continue to benefit from free carbon allowances until 2032. However, companies must meet annual targets to maintain eligibility. Peter Liese, a German lawmaker and lead negotiator for the EU’s parliament, emphasizes the industry’s environmental commitments.

News keeps coming in and we would love to keep you updated on what’s happening in the metal plate rolling industry. In another update, a metal plate rolling machine exclusively made for manufacturing foundations for offshore wind towers was ordered. Davi will deliver the machine to the largest offshore wind tower manufacturers in Northern Europe. 

The better news is that the machine will take commands from an iPad using software called iRoll. It is a software that brings all the data and operations related to metal plate rolling on the fingertips of the operators. 

Wrapping Up

We are delighted to share these important updates with you, specifically curated for individuals within the metal-forming circle. Staying updated with the latest industry trends is paramount for success in our dynamic field.

Turning our focus to metal plate rolling machines, as mentioned before, we at Himalaya Machine take immense pride in our role as significant contributors to the metal plate rolling industry. Our commitment remains unwavering in assisting you with your metal forming requirements, leveraging our expertise and cutting-edge solutions.

Count on us to be your trusted partner on your metal forming journey.

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