The Benefits Of Investing In Phnom Penh’s Emerging Micro-Property Market

Cambodia’s micro-property market experienced foreign developers’ influx to take advantage of increased demand and cost-effective lands. According to the FDI report by Open Development Cambodia, the country recorded an annual investment growth of 8.1% from 2017 to 2021. It stimulated the micro-property market and enabled investors to acquire them under specific rules and conditions. 

The secret to Cambodia’s success lies in economic growth and developing an enticing environment and properties for investment. The professionals at IPS Cambodia, the local and rewarded real estate agency with their extended network and guaranteed services, can only help you with the lucrative benefits in Phnom Penh’s real estate market.

If you’re specifically looking for a guide to the benefits of investing in Phnom Penh’s emerging micro-property market, then we have covered the essential details for you. Scroll down to find multiple reasons to invest in Phnom Penh’s real estate market (but with a local real estate agent’s assistance).

The Benefits Of Investing In Phnom Penh’s Emerging Micro-Property Market

#Benefit1 -Rapid-Growing Economy

You can witness the expansion of Phnom Penh’s business settings, including shops and conglomerates such as Burger King, KFC, and Starbucks. Cambodia is presently the quickly-growing economy across the globe.

Phnom Penh’s development is increasing, expanding the real estate market and boosting the demand for micro-property. This investment trend will remain in Cambodia.

#Benefit2 -Growing Tourism

According to the UNESCO Report on the Effects of Tourism on Cambodia’s Culture and Environment, more than four lakh tourists annual increase was reported from 1998 to 2019. Many tourists and foreigners are investing in the micro-property market, with increased potential for profit due to rising tourism.

#Benefit3 -Stabilised Political Environment

Although investors in real estate don’t like political instability, protests, riots, and extremism are also disliked. Since 1985, Cambodia, including Phnom Penh and other cities in Cambodia, has been enjoying increased political stability than in the previous three decades. Based on the Central Intelligence Agency report on Cambodia, the country has growing and strong economic-political ties with large surrounding neighbours, leading to a 53% increase in foreign investment.

#Benefit4 – Positive Investment Environment

Cambodia’s government is committed and working on developing the economy and is devoted to enticing foreign capital. Many incentives, such as detailed licence requirements and norms and low corporate taxes, make an acceptable bargain for people looking for sizable investment in Phnom Penh’s emerging micro-property market.

#Benefit5 -Exponential Technological Development

Technological advancements in the Cambodian region have changed the face of businesses and the economy. The policies included by the government, including ICT or National Information and Communication Technology Policy in 2015, enabled businesses to perform extra productively, smarter, and faster.

Investing in Phnom Penh’s emerging micro-property can benefit investors, catering for their requirements to connect with worldwide consumers. 

#Benefit6 -Increased Young Population

Increased literacy rate and demographic demand have contributed to the growth of investing in Cambodia’s micro-property market. Besides, urbanisation, household formation, and workforce participation have shown solid growth, contributing to the real estate market development.

#Benefit7 -Planned Locations

Since the Cambodian region is a neighbour to India and China and centred between Thailand and Vietnam, planned locations in Phnom Penh mean profitable investment. It enables positive effects of tourism and investment.

The enlarged riverport at Phnom Penh, the container seaport at Sihanoukville, three international airports in the Cambodian region, and other increased entry points because of the government’s leverages have increased the demand for the micro-property market.

#Benefit8 -Researching The Renowned Real Estate Professional

Among the most crucial aspects to consider is researching a renowned real estate developer or agency. It will ensure the accuracy of the property condition and local market prices of the property you wish to invest in and prepare the required documents.

Professionals and experts in real estate will guide you about the laws to abide by and the documents to prepare when investing in micro-property in Phnom Penh. Their guidance will also protect your property and abide by all required laws and norms. Besides, the location with a potential development plan suggested by the experts also gives considerable returns.


The key driver to Cambodia’s success is its real estate industry, which offers an attractive environment for foreign investors. It offers many benefits of investing in Cambodia’s micro-property market, including export/import duty exemptions, attractive tax incentives, English language proficiency, reduced restrictions to enter the foreign business, rapid urbanisation, abundant, low-cost labour, and many others. IPS Cambodia, a renowned real estate agency with a proven track record, plays a crucial role in helping investors navigate the complexities of the market. With their extensive network and guaranteed services, IPS Cambodia is your trusted partner for exploring the best investment opportunities in Phnom Penh’s real estate market, particularly in the micro-property segment. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a newcomer, IPS Cambodia’s expertise and guidance ensure a secure and profitable investment journey. To discover the exceptional range of Phnom Penh apartments and make an informed investment decision, visit IPS Cambodia now.”

With riffed competition in the micro-property market, it may be challenging to invest in real estate. But, if you plan to invest in an emerging and profitable micro-property market, IPS Cambodia will help you invest in the best one.

This leading real estate agency may be a solution if you want a micro-property in Phnom Penh that returns a sensible gain in a proportionately safe geo-political and socio-economic environment.

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