Toby Carvery Scam (Nov 2021) Stay Alert & Avoid Scam!

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The guide shares details about the fake Facebook post that scammers are using to do Toby Carvery Scam.

A fake social media post has been circulating in the name of Toby Carvery, and it claims to offer free meals to the customers. The restaurant has warned all its loyal customers by issuing notice and urging them not to share any confidential details with the scammers. 

The fake Facebook post is being circulated by the scammers targeting the customers in the United Kingdom and scamming them for contact and payment details.   

So, stay away from the online Toby Carvery Scam that targets many people to do online scams in the name of Toby Carvery Restaurant. 

About Toby Carvery

Toby Carvery is a famous family restaurant in the United Kingdom, and it is a British carvery chain brand that is operated and owned by Mitchells & Butlers. The restaurant operates and serves its customers through its 158 restaurant chains dotted across the country. 

The restaurant brand was founded in 1985, and it has set a benchmark in the hospitality industry. The loyal patrons of the restaurant are attracted to the primary cuisine called “Tobies.” The patrons also like the other meals, such as carvery meat, main fish courses, and vegan meals.    

What is Toby Carvery Scam?

Toby Carvery is a famous restaurant brand that has many satisfied customers across the nation. Scammers are misusing the brand name and dosing scam in the name of Toby Carvery. 

The scammers are circulating fake Facebook posts over the social media platform claiming free meals for their personal and payment details.

However, it is a scam, and customers must avoid such things circulating over social media. The restaurant’s spokesperson has confirmed that a fake Facebook page is sharing false claims to secure free meals in exchange for personal details. The spokesperson urges the customers to avoid the Toby Carvery Scam and not share any confidential details with the scammers.      

What Has Toby Carvery Team Done?

Toby Carvery’s spokesperson confirmed an increase in the fake Facebook page claiming to secure free meals. These fake posts aim to collect payment details and contact information of the customers. 

So, the team urges their customers not to share any details or click any suspicious link on the post. The team has confirmed that they are aware of the scam and reported the fake post for violating the community standards of Facebook. But, the Toby Carvery Scam page may stay active longer, so customers must stay alert and cautious.   


Online scams via Facebook and other social media platforms are getting common. Scammers are using the names of big brands to do scams and targeting them to steal their payment details and personal info. 

Scammers urge the users to like, share, and comment on the fake posts to secure free meals. However, the Toby Carvery Team has warned all the patrons not to follow those posts or share any details to avoid the Toby Carvery Scam.

It is extremely important to keep yourself equipped with the right tips on How to Protect Yourself from a Scam.  

Did you see any such fake posts on Facebook? Then, please share how you reported the scam in the comment section.

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