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The post talks about What Happened to Cliff Devries and his inspiring life story.

Life tests every single creation that has taken birth on this planet. But few are built with an innate die-hard attitude that makes even life bow towards them. One such person whom even the hurdles of life could stop is Cliff Devries from the United States. The diving coach at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is an inspiration for many.

Cliff Devries is back in the news for becoming the diving coach for Tigers all again for the 97th time for 2021-2022. We bring you a detailed report on What Happened to Cliff Devries and his inspiring story.

Who is Cliff Devries?

Cliff Devries was born on 30 October 1973. He is a popular diving coach associated with the Rochester Institute of Technology and, more importantly, a cancer survivor. He rose to fame and garnered much media attention during 2016 and 2017, wherein he dived a 3-meter diving board even when paralyzed.

He is back in the news for coaching the Tiger’s team for the 97th time. He is a diver from the United States. Besides, he was at the peak of his career when an unforeseen accident turned life for him.

In the coming sections, we will elucidate on What Happened to Cliff Devries. However, before that, let us sneak through some of the amazing facts about the coach.

More Facts About Cliff Devries

  • Cliff Devries won the championship twice, which includes Section V Champion and the Empire State Games Championship.
  • He was the founder of Mavericks Dive Club and kickstarted his career as a diving coach at Monroe Community College.
  • Besides, he won a total of eight Conference Championships.
  • He was named the Upper New York State Athletic Conference consecutively for 2000, 2002, then 2007-2008 and 2011.

What Happened to Cliff Devries?

  • In the year 1995, Cliff Devries was diagnosed with a brain tumour, which was 6-inches long. To remove it, he underwent an operation that went on for 13 hours.
  • However, some glitches during the operation left him paralyzed entirely on his right side, from the neck to the down portion.
  • But the paralyzes couldn’t shake the zeal and zest of Cliff Devries, who practised for months and regained his power on the left side, answering the question, What Happened to Cliff Devries.

He became a media news during 2017 when on his birthday, i.e., 30 October, he dived inside the pool from a 3-meter diving board. The clip soon became viral across media, which also made him a public figure.

Final Conclusion

After the dive, he stated the dive to be exciting and how diving has always been therapeutic for him. The story of Cliff Devries is one of inspiration and a die-hard attitude. With his zeal and curiosity to live life, he defeated his shortcomings and now has risen to be the coach of RIT for the 97th time.

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