Tissy Wordle {May 2022} Get Correct Solution: Wordle 328

The below article represents all the details, hints, and clues for guiding players with the correct solution for wordle 328 instead of Tissy Wordle.

Do you like solving wordle regularly? Are you an enthusiastic wordle puzzle solver? What if you are stuck with a daily wordle with misspelled words! Many people from countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia are looking for the correct solution for the wordle puzzle 328. 

Many have filled the answer with Tissy as per the given hints, but wordle has indicated it as a wrong answer. Hence, gamers are confused about whether Tissy Wordle is an answer for 328 wordle or a new puzzle version! 

Is Tissy a new version or an answer for wordle #328!

After thorough research, we found that it is not any wordle version. Instead, it is a misspelled word for wordle 328. The answer for the 13th May puzzle was Tipsy, but people got confused with the rhyming words “TIPSY” and “TISSY.”

The meaning of “TIPSY” is also very interesting as it means one who has drunk very little or slightly. But, does the misspelled word have any meaning? Let us find out!

Know the Tissy Definition!

It is illustrated with the frustrating behavior when males started behaving like females in frustration. Hence, we can say the misspelled word has meaning, but it is not an appropriate word as per the given hints and clues for wordle 328. 

To solve the wordle puzzle, players need to read irregular words through the online dictionary or should start depicting the synonyms for the familiar words. This will help all the enthusiastic players to solve wordle perfectly. Scroll down the below header to get the hints for solving wordle 328 to find a correct solution.

Tissy Wordle: Hints to find the correct solution for 13th May Wordle

  • Today’s wordle starts with the letter “T” and ends with the letter “Y.”
  • Today’s solution has only one vowel that will be filled at 2nd place. 
  • The vowel used will be “I.”
  • Major Hint: today’s wordle solution is in a drunken state.

Rules to play wordle games to get the correct answer!

  • Fill the tiles with the 5-letter-related meaning word as given a hint.
  • The filled wordle tiles will now start changing the color.
  • Color indications will be Green color for the correct letter, yellow for the correct letter but in the wrong place, and grey for the incorrect letter. 
  • By looking at the Tissy Definitionwe can say the word is not correct, but as it is a similar word, it will show a grey color in 3rd position.

Why is this wordle game answer trending? 

Wordle introduces a new word with which people are unfamiliar daily as these are not commonly used words. Hence, players got confused with the similar and rhyming words. This is the main reason behind the trend of wordle answers. 


Based on our internet research, we can say that the correct answer for wordle 328 is “TIPSY.” Tissy Wordle is only a misspelled word as it looks similar to the solution for the 13th May wordle. Further, if you would like to know more details for wordle 328, click here. 

Have you guessed the correct answer for wordle 328 or not? Please comment below with your wordle playing experiences.

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