Gekko Wordle {May} Explore All Hints To Recent Puzzle!

The article gives the full information about the wordle puzzle and easy ways to solve them, and the hints to solve the Wordle can get from Gekko Wordle.

Are you looking for the hints and the clues to solve the wordle? Did you search for the hints to crack them? Did you find any clues for the wordle #325? If not, no worries. The article below provides tips and hints to solve the puzzle, including the master hint.

People from different countries like Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Ireland enjoy solving the puzzles regularly.

Have a look at the below article to get huge information about the Gekko Wordle below.

Hints and answers for wordle 325

Below are the hints for the wordle. They are 

  • Two vowels are available in the wordle
  • In the second and last spot, vowels are placed.
  • The letters are not repeated in the word.
  • The last letter of the word is O.
  • The wordle’s main clue is “The word represents the lizard of Wall Street”.

The main clue helps the players get the answer easily, solve the puzzle quickly, and share it on social media.

Below provided is the solution for the Gekko Game

Try to solve the puzzle with the provided attempts rather than rushing to check the solution. Try to guess the answer with the help of the hints mentioned earlier so that it helps to get the answer.

Now it’s time to reveal the answer for the wordle #325, and the solution is “GECKO“. We wish the clues and the hints helps the players. The wordle #325 is not as easy to guess as other wordles. It is a little bit hard to find the word for the day since it is a rarely used word.

How to play the wordle? 

In the Gekko Wall Street, the word Gekko means Genus. Players are given six chances to find a five-letter word in Wordle, a puzzle game with maze boxes. When a player attempts to answer a question, the game provides hints to let them know whether it is correct or incorrect. It also tells them how far away they are from the correct answer if it is incorrect. In this game, players are shown if they are on track using three colours-Green, Black and Yellow. As soon as you place the right alphabet in the correct place and press submit, the box will turn green. 

Gekko Wordle

If it turns green, you’re doing it right. If you find an alphabet which is a part of the correct answer but is positioned inappropriately, a yellow box will appear next to that letter. In addition, any letter not included in the answer today is highlighted in black.


After searching online sources, it is obvious that the answer for wordle #325 is GECKO. But players thought the word was GEKKO and were confused. The clues and tips are provided in the above article to find the solutions instantly. Get more information about the Gekko Wordle and play the game online.

Did you guess the Wordle of the day correctly? If not, share your thoughts in the below-provided comment box. 

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