The Expert Tips for Marketing to Gen Z

If you have discovered that your core audience includes people born between 1997 and 2012, you’re marketing strategies should gear towards Generation Z. This poses a unique challenge for many as Gen Z are the first generation of digital natives, meaning they were born with the internet established around them.

Here, we’ll explain why marketing to Gen Z matters and how to do it properly.

Why Does Gen Z Matter?

The biggest consumer group in the US is Gen Z and they really do make or break many companies with their purchasing power online. Although this doesn’t always translate to brick-and-mortar sales, if you run an ecommerce-based site or want to go viral one day Gen Z are responsible.  

The Secrets to Marketing to Gen Z 

Authenticity Matters

Generation Z loves authenticity, to them realness, honesty and transparency is everything. They know when a company is trying too hard to be cool or faking it, so when you start making a campaign it must be as honest and genuine as possible and come from a real place of connection. 

Speak Their Language

Gen Z are not fans of language that is divisive or excludes any groups, so gender neutral language is a must, and you should avoid using stereotypes and watch out for outdated cultural references that don’t work with young audiences. Instead, focus again on authenticity and sounding like a real person because Gen Z may be fascinated by AI, but they don’t want to read AI written copy. 

Embrace Inclusivity

Gen Z are all about seeing themselves in marketing campaigns. They want to be represented in advertising and are outspoken about social justice issues, so if you want to tap into this demographic you need to be well versed in best practice from your brands hiring to the campaigns you run, as Gen Z will dig into any issues they find. 

Go With Their Beliefs

Gen Z is all about values and beliefs, many companies appeal to this generation because of their stance on social justice issues and solidarity with common causes, so if you want to get them on your side you need to highlight your brand’s commitment to environmentalism, social justice and other issues that align with their values overall. 

Marketing Tips to Connect With Gen Z

Choose The Right Channels

If you want to tap into the Gen Z market, you need to reach them where they already are. If you’re wondering where that is, Gen Z are on Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat and go for snappy, quick content fixes that are presented in a creative and interesting manner. With this in mind if you’re trying to find Gen Z on Facebook or LinkedIn it’s not the right platform. 

Influencer Marketing Matters

Gen Z highly prefer getting their information from someone they trust, and often this isn’t directly from the brand itself, but from other users on social media who have significant followings, known as influencers. This is why many brands aiming to tap into Gen Z use influencer marketing over traditional social media posting to gain trust. 

New Age Social Media Marketing is In

Put aside what you know about social media marketing, Gen Z is changing things rapidly. Thanks to being glued to their phones they are constantly watching video, listening to podcasts and music with things such as TikTok videos, YouTube Shorts and Reels becoming the most popular way to connect with them, with many young people turning to these platforms to get product recommendations, find which hair salons are the best in their town and more. If you want to connect to this market you need to get savvy to their ways. 

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