Download Reddit Thai Politician Monk Video Watch 2024: Is video on Reddit or Telegram? Can it be imported?

Viral video confrontation exposes illicit affair between politician wife and adopted monk son, leading to scandal. Learn about Download Reddit Thai Politician Monk Video Watch.

A political scandal recently rocked Thailand, China, India, and the United Arab Emirates, centred around a Democrat Party figure, Prapaporn Choeiwadkoh, and her adopted monk son, Phra Maha, whom she was caught in a compromising situation by her husband, Ti. Choeiwadkoh’s husband drove five hours from Bangkok to Sukhothai, his residence, to Choeiwadkoh and Phra together on bed. Check how to Download Reddit Thai Politician Monk Video Watch.

2024 Thai Politician Monk Video Watch the Scandal Unfold:

One day, without informing his wife, Ti (64-years-old) decided to return home earlier than usual. He secretly recorded a video as he entered bedroom, where he found his wife and monk lying together on bed. Ti discovered affair by surprise but keenly observed their activities over time, like spending more time with young monks and going inside monk’s cabin when curtains were closed. A few Reddit pages related to video were suspended. Hence, Thai Politician Monk Video Reddit is not accessible on Reddit. 

Ti’s wife, Choeiwadkoh (45-years-old), and monk, Phra Maha (24-years-old), were found lying together on bed. They were both without clothes, which indicated an intimate situation. This discovery shocked Ti and prompted him to confront his wife about their inappropriate behaviour. 

In footage, Choeiwadkoh denied any illicit activity, claiming they were only conversing, while Phra Maha also denied any wrongdoing. Moreover, Choeiwadkoh denied engaging in illicit activities with Phra Maha, claiming he was simply showering in bedroom! However, another woman came forward, alleging multi-similar acts between Choeiwadkoh and Phra Maha.

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Thai Politician Monk Video Reddit Under Fire:

Thai Politician Monk Video Reddit Under Fire

Choeiwadkoh, also known as ‘Madam Ple’ and ‘Por’, is a prominent political figure in Sukhothai, Thailand, and has been affiliated with Democrat Party since March 2023. Choeiwadkoh was accused of an extramarital affair with Phra Maha, whom she and her husband had adopted. Allegations included claims of multiple meetings between Choeiwadkoh and Phra Maha, with suspicions raised by her husband’s observations. Furthermore, accusations of embezzlement were levelled against Choeiwadkoh.

Following scandal, Democrat Party spokesperson announced an investigation into Choeiwadkoh’s conduct, citing ethical and moral breaches due to Thai Politician Monk Video Download carving online. Choeiwadkoh was impermanently suspended from Democrat Party just before 2024 elections were expected to start from 14th May. 

Details about who leaked video online were unsustainable. Investigation is expected to conclude within three days, with potential permanent expulsion from party if found guilty. Further, police are investigating if adopted monk was physically abused during his childhood. 

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Thai Politician Caught by Husband in Bed with 24-Year-Old Adopted Son Who is a Monk, Incident Captured on Video
byu/MastodonOk8087 inasia



A Thai man caught his Democrat Party politician wife committing adultery with a Thai monk who was also their adoptive son. The Democrat Party stated that woman would be expelled within three days if found guilty.
byu/Flat-Giraffe-6783 inBangkok

The Online Secrecy, Inaccessible to Many:

Por and Thai Monk video is unavailable online. However, several Telegram channels invited netizens to access their pages for Thai Politician Monk Video Download of complete length. However, video remained challenging to access. Hence, importing it from any social media platform or internet is impossible.

Leaked images from viral clip showed Por partially covered under a white blanket on a bed covered with white bed-sheet in a low-lighted room. At same time, Thai Monk tries to hide himself completely under blanket. Later part of video showed Thai Monk without any clothes with body parts exposed to video recording.

Were details of Por and Phra video Informative? Please comment on this review of Download Reddit Thai Politician Monk Video Watch.

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