Video de Chiquito Viral Twitter: Read About 2024 Viral Video 

The post on ‘Video de Chiquito Viral Twitter‘ will provide details about the trending and viral videos on the internet. People from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Spain, and the United States are intrigued by the video. 

What is Video de Chiquito en la Victoria?

A video has been going viral on the internet; it includes some intimate moments between two people on a video call. However, the statement in the viral video is that the known person who is known is a prison inmate. 

Thus, people are shocked to see Chiquito A.K.A Jesus Perez Mejia. He was arrested in 2023 for killing Joshua Omar. And for that, he has been locked up in the prison of La Victoria, which is situated in Santo Domingo. 

The fact that Perez had access to a mobile phone inside a prison was the worst part of the whole incident. People from the Dominican Republic are discussing the violation of basic regulations. 

Basically, an inmate does not have access to any kind of device that might connect them to the outside world. However, Jesus Perez was making video calls to satisfy his lust from the prison, which left people baffled. 

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Details of Chiquito Video Trending on TikTok

Details of Chiquito Video Trending on TikTok

The video is short and has just a few seconds of recording. However, in those few seconds, everyone is able to recognize the person as Jesus Perez Mejia, a prisoner at La Victoria. 

In the video, an unknown person has been involved in a steamy chat with Perez. They were engaged in an indecent act on a video call. The call was recorded without Perez’s consent. 

It is speculated that the person on the other end of the video call recorded it. And then they might have leaked the footage to the public. However, details regarding the other person are not known.

In the video, only Chiquito is visible, not the other person. Many people are interested in watching the whole recorded video. The topic has been discussed all over the internet, including on Reddit. 

Who provided Jesus Perez with a Mobile Phone?

Netizens, after watching the viral Chiquito YouTube video, are trying to know the name of the person who gave the mobile to Perez because the prison is known for its high standards of security. 

At the end of April month, Jesus Perez Mejia was transferred to a high-security prison cell known as Najayo-Men. The leaked video has posted question marks on a lot of things. 

The most noticeable thing of all is how the authorities work. How did Chiquito get the mobile phone? Who gave him a mobile inside the prison? These are all the questions that the authorities have to tackle.

The Instagram video started to spread on 2nd May 2024. Now, the whole internet has been blown up. When the netizens got to know that the video call was made from inside the prison, they started to share the video rapidly.


The viral Chiquito video created chaos for a lot of people. As soon as the video went viral, people noticed that the person concerned in the video was an inmate. 

He is Jesus Perez Mejia, who is locked in the maximum-security cell of La Victoria prison. But he is making video calls to a person for indecent virtual acts. Jesus Perez, who is also known as Chiquito, has been arrested for shooting a person dead. 

If you wish to know more, click here and know about the case better. 

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