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Who is Pata Seca Slave?

Pata Seca, or Roque José Florêncio, was an enslaved African in Brazil who faced a life filled with oppression and dehumanization. His tragic existence centered on his purpose as a breeder, purchased solely to produce offspring for his owner’s advantage. 

Due to his perceived suitability for this role, Pata Seca was carefully chosen to engage in relationships with female slaves to generate a robust workforce possessing desirable genetic characteristics.

Life of Pata Seca the Slave

Pata Seca’s existence was dictated by the desires of his owner, who meticulously ensured his health, provided ample nourishment, and utilized him as a breeder, similar to livestock. The precise number or frequency of his encounters with women remains undisclosed. 

Nonetheless, it is approximated that Pata Seca sired more than 200 offspring, inheriting their father’s enslaved condition. Consequently, they also endured servitude, with some being sold for profit and others forced to toil on their owners’ plantations.

Information on Pata Seca Wikipedia

Real/Full Name Roque José Florêncio
Nickname Pata Seca
Profession Enslaved Breeder
Birth Year 1828
Bred Children 200+
Height 7 feet
Birthplace Sorocaba, São Paulo
Date of Death 1958
Marital Status Married
Spouse Parmira

Some points about Pata Seca 

  • Apart from breeding, he also attended to the horses and was responsible for transporting correspondence between the farm and the city.
  • According to certain sources, there is a belief that hislifespan extended up to 130 years.
  • He possessed no knowledge regarding the identity of his parents and siblings.

Pata Seca the Slave life with his owner and wife

Following the abolition of slavery in Brazil in 1888, he was accorded special privileges and even bestowed a part of the land by his master. 

Once liberated, Pata Seca discovered affection and love in the person named Palmira, whom he wedded, and together they were blessed with nine children, establishing the cornerstone of their familial unit. On the land gifted to him by his former owner, Pata Seca the Slave wholeheartedly devoted himself to constructing a fresh existence.

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After the abolition of slavery, Pata Seca started a new life after marrying Palmira. 

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Pata Seca the Slave Information (FAQs)

1-Why did enslavers breed strong male and female slaves?

A To create physically superior offspring during slavery.

2-How did Pata Seca benefit from producing offspring?

A-He received favorable treatment for his success.

3-What was the name of Pata Seca’s farm? 

A-“Sítio Pata Seca.”

4-How did he use his earnings? 

A-He provided for his family and pursued his dreams.

5 What caused Pata Seca’s death? 


6-Can people find Information about him on the Internet?

A-Yes, people can get information on YouTube and on other platforms. 

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