Sukuna Astd (September 2021) All About This Character!

Have you heard about the newest update over ASTD, including Sukuna Astd? Then kindly search this write-up for more details.

Are you eagerly waiting to know about a notable character of Roblox? Then read this article to find further information about such a persona.

Roblox, an online gaming site, has numerous games desirable for youths of the Philippines, United States, and Canada, one of which is ‘All-Star Tower Defense’. Thus, recently, in this game, a renowned character has evolved and gained much feedback online. 

So kindly scroll down this write-up to determine facts about Sukuna Astd. Moreover, we will also introduce some vital information about Sukuna, including its appearance. 

Understanding What is ASTD

The online platform Roblox has introduced a game All-Star Tower Defense, which different players use to experience action-based scenarios. It is a tower defence type game where you have to fight with evil to endure. 

The game is based on a variety of anime characters, including One Piece to Demon Slayer characters. The game’s main aim is to last longer in the story, which will help to level up in leader boards. 

A Few Lines about Sukuna Astd

Mostly popular as Sukuna, his original name is Ryomen Sukuna, is a cursed soul who had played as an antagonist in Jujutsu Kaisen, a manga series evolved by Gege Akutami. Sukuna is also customarily known as the undisputed King of Curses since he played the rival character. 

In the remote past, Sukuna was a fictional devil who was trained as a human sorcerer. After his death, he itself turned into a cursed spirit, but the fingers of Sukuna Astd has special powers within it. 

Few Aspects of Sukuna

Biographical and Personal Description

  • Popularly known as: King of Curses
  • Age: 1000+
  • Gender: Male
  • Affiliation: Self-affiliated
  • Species: Human (former) Cursed soul
  • Grade: Special grade

He was a two-faced demon with four arms, and however, now, he looks like his host Yuji Itadori. The hairs had several spikes with special watermarks on the head, cheeks, and eyes. Moreover, he wears light-toned kimono, a black scarf and shoes.  

Abilities of Sukuna 

Sukuna Astd has many skill sets that have made him so powerful that he easily possessed anyone. He is also regarded as the most powerful cursed spirit in the entire series. Sukuna also has huge incarnation power along with enormous speed. 

Gamers’ Reaction 

Fans of ASTD have revealed that this cursed soul has many drawbacks since it is fruitless. While some commented that the users could use it properly if the buff got upgraded. Moreover, few replied that the developers have intentionally made him update in later stages. 

The Final Words 

Throughout the article on Sukuna Astd, we have determined the facts related to the Roblox game, ASTD, with its special character named Sukuna. 

Furthermore, the biotic description of Sukuna, along with his life history, has also been evolved in this article. When we reviewed the player’s comments, it has been seen that this character has gotten a lot of negative feedback since it is not of great use. Visit here for more on Sukuna. 

What kind of improvement does Sukuna need? Please place your thoughts in the comment box. 

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