Kid Nezha Roblox (Sep 2021) About & How To Get It?

This article offers information about the Kid Nezha Roblox, a new item in the Roblox game.

A crucial aspect of mobile games that makes them fun and enjoyable is the availability of in-game items and various accessories. The more exciting the items are, the more players are drawn towards them. 

Roblox offers many appealing in-game items, supplements, bundles, etc. Another such item is the Kid Nezha. Users are curious to know more about it and are also looking for methods to obtain the Kid Nezha Roblox.

If you’re also interested in knowing more about it, keep reading this article. Then, we’ll mention all the relevant details about this term trending Worldwide.

What is Kid Nezha?

The Kid Nezha is a bundle available in the Roblox game under the Roblox LuoBu Mystery Box Hunt. This event has been offering many rewards to players. The Kid Nezha is also one such item that was recently added to the Roblox avatar items list. 

Since its release, this avatar bundle has become quite popular, and thousands of users have favored it. It is a part of two events, The Nezha’s Devil Boy Descends Into The World and The LuoBu Mystery Box Hunt that’s trending Worldwide. We will get to How to Get Kid Nezha in Roblox shortly. Please find other details about this item below.

Some More Details about Kid Nezha

  • The official description of this bundle on its Roblox page offers some details about it.
  • It mentions that Kid Nezha likes playing pranks. However, he prefers getting the recognition of people, which gives us an idea about its personality.
  • Please note that the Kid Nezha logo is the picture of the Avatar.
  • It’s also the first item offered by LuoBu to be featured in two events.

How to Get Kid Nezha in Roblox?

Obtaining the Kid Nezha item and bundle within Roblox is a straightforward task. Please find the detailed associated process below:

  • First, launch the LuoBu Mystery Box Hunt game.
  • In the game, keep running until you spot Kid Nezha.
  • When you spot this avatar, you need to bump into it, which means making your in-game character run into the Kid Nezha statue.
  • When you run into this statue, you’ll be greeted with a message.
  • The message will inform you that you have successfully collected the Kid Nezha bundle.
  • You’ll also get the game badge related to this game.
  • You’ll be able to access the Kid Nezha Roblox bundle from the Avatar editor or the Inventory.
  • You can combine the different items within this bundle to create various accessories.
  • Read more about Kid Nezha here

The Final Verdict   

A trendy event on Roblox offers users a chance to get their hands on various Avatar bundles and other items in the game. One of such items is Kid Nezha. All the relevant information about obtaining it is mentioned above; kindly look at it. 

What’s your favorite game on Roblox? Are you looking forward to receiving this avatar bundle in Roblox? Kindly let us know how our answer to the process of getting Kid Nezha Roblox works out for you in the comments.

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