Student Dies During Crucifixion {April} What Happened!

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A student from Nigeria fell to death while playing the role of Saint Peter. The news spreads vigorously in various countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. The student collapsed during a re-enactment of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. At first sight, everyone thought it was a joke. How did this incident happen? 

To know all the details about the Student Dies During Crucifixion.

About the incident

A twenty-five-year-old boy, Suel Ambrose, died during a re-enactment of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. During the Easter weekend, Suel was playing the role of Peter. Suel was performing a scene in which Peter had to cut the ear of a soldier to save Jesus Christ. He collapsed and laid down.

The audience thought it was a part of a play or a joke, but they became serious when he didn’t get up. Immediately Suel was taken to hospital, and then he lost his life. The tragedy happened at the Clariantian University of Nigeria in Nekede on the day of Good Friday on 15 April.

Student Dies During Crucifixion

After a few times when he collapsed, the audience noticed the blood and realised that it was not part of his role. Suel was rushed to a nearby Federal medical centre. He was declared dead, and the actual cause of death is not known yet. Suel was told to play on the occasion of Easter. The team was playing a role in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

 Suel was 25 years old and was an undergraduate studying philosophy at the Clariantian University of Nigeria. He wanted to become a priest. Micheal Eluwa was the eyewitness to the incident. He narrated the tragedy to the media. The picture of Student Dies During Crucifixion is going viral on various sites and social media.

Easter weekend incident

Easter is celebrated all over the world. People went to churches, decorated eggs and celebrated the event with songs and lighting. Several people spent quality time and enjoyed themselves during the event. During the Easter weekend, the tragedy in a university in Nigeria shocked everyone.

The student lost his life on Good Friday. Suel had a dream of becoming a priest and was training for the same. He suddenly collapsed during the play and lost his life. The reason behind his death is not known yet. As per Student Dies During Crucifixion, the only thing revealed is that he collapsed and started bleeding. We will be updating you on the reason as soon as it is released.


The article tells about the death of a twenty-five years old boy during a role play. The student was, Suel Ambrose. He was studying psychology at Nigerian University. Suel was playing the role of Peter. Suddenly he collapsed and fell. After a few times, the public realised that it was not a part of an act. Visit this link to know more about the Crucifixion of Jesus.

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