Wordle Answer April 19 {April} Read Here, Find Out!

Gaming Tips Wordle Answer April 19

The article Wordle Answer April 19 revealed the correct answer for the wordle quiz with an explanation and the hints to guess.

Do you love playing wordle games every day? Are you struggling to find the answer for today’s wordle quiz? So, we are here to help you. We will talk about the most trending game in this article. 

The Wordle game has now become a daily routine for people Worldwide. Here is the news article which provides the clues and solutions for Wordle Answer April 19

Wordle answers 

A new word is assigned daily, and the players have to guess the answer within six attempts and are given hints. Players can play this game on laptop, mobile, etc. And the answer for the April 19 quiz is “FOYER”

Wordle is a simple word guessing game; players must guess the correct word within the given time limit. Each player will get only six attempts to guess the word.  Wordle was developed by the software engineer Josh Wardle. Due to the game’s popularity, the game developer decided to post this every day. 

What is Wordle Answer April 19?

  • The hints provided for today’s answer are
  • Two vowels will be present 
  • A consonant separates both vowels in the middle. 
  • The middle letter will be Y.
  • No repetition of the same words
  • Words with five letters
  • It is related to a part of space being present in a particular place 

Considering these clues, the answer for the April 19 wordle guessing game is FOYER. It means an open, free area in a hotel or theatre. It is a Latin-originated word. It also means an entrance hall. 

Why is the wordle game trending?

Wordle Answer April 19 questions were searched on the internet by players. It has become a part of daily routine; just like we search for weather information, people have started to search for daily wordle answers.

US Vice President Kamala Harris once stated that she plays wordle games daily and has a perfect winning record. After her speech, this game became a sensation among the people. It may be one of the reasons for being a trendsetter on the internet.  The daily wordle quiz is now being published by the renowned New York Times.

Where and how to play the Wordle game?

The Wordle Game and Wordle Answer April 19 can be seen online. Players can log in to the New York Times website and play the wordle game. People will be provided with six guesses and hints to find the secret five-letter word. 

  • The users tend to see 3 colors of tiles in the given boxes.
  • The yellow color indicates that the guessed word is correct but incorrectly placed.
  • The green color indicates that the guessed word was correct.
  • The grey color indicates that the guessed word is incorrect. 

The players can easily guess the correct answer to the daily wordle quiz from these color notifications.


Thus, Wordle Answer April 19 is being discussed in this article. Players can also play this game in different browsers like Safari, Brave, etc. This website design is so simple that everyone can play this game daily. For playing the game,  

Do you find this article interesting? Let us know your guesses for today’s game in the comment section below?

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