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The above news article gives information and alerts readers about Squid Game Rugpull and other details about payments to earn a token’s

As we know, “Squid Game” is a new Korean series shown on Netflix which is a Superhit worldwide. In a short time, it has gained huge popularity in the United States and around the globe. But nowadays, we have come to know that play to earn a token’s website is at a significant loss. It’s a piece of Sad news for investors whose hard-earned money is in danger. So in today’s article, we will find out the actual matter with the Squid Game Rugpull. Let’s find out about it in this article detailed below:

What is a Squid Game?

A “Squid” is a type of cryptocurrency providing the opportunity to earn money through playing games built on the famous television Netflix series “Squid Game”. As there is a big reward, many people joined this play to earn a token’s website. Since the Squid game was released, it has reached 111 million concisely, which is quite impressive. It also stated that developers would charge 10% entry fees followed by 90% going to the winner in Squid Game Rugpull

However, Monday morning, we came to know the Squid Game is at a significant risk and facing a huge loss. How? Let’s find out further.

Squid Rugpull: Loss?

  • A “rug pull” is a team of developers taken down after a Project Scam.
  • The Scammers create a fake digital currency. They have erased elements of games due to which Crypto-speculators lose over $2million, which is quite a significant loss for developers.
  • Squid Game cryptocurrency collapsed to 99.99%. Due to this downfall, investors lost their hard-earned money in millions.
  • We noticed Squid Game Rugpull Twitter account is also being restricted temporarily.
  • Also, Developers posted on their Telegram channel that they no longer wanted to continue the Project anymore due to this hack.

Earlier, CoinMarketCap had informed investors about the fraudulent nature of cryptocurrency and said to invest in trading only with caution. So, let us find more about the legitimacy factors if you are thinking of going for this!

Note – We advise readers to please perform research before investing in Cryptocurrency as there is a risk of Scam.

Investing in Squid Game Rugpull is legit or not?

  • The developer Team is trying to protect the website from hackers, but the price is unusual. 
  • Transaction details are also hidden.
  • At the same time, the website is also not working, which is a warning sign.

However, To know more in detail, Open the link

So, from the factors given above, investing in this might be at risk. 


Since the Squid Game is uncontrolled, nothing can be done to recover the losses which scammers have done. The squid game is officially rug pulled, so it clearly shows a red flag. We request investors to think twice before investing in cryptocurrency.

Please let us know your experience with the Squid Game Rugpull in the comment below.

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