Zedd Squid Game Remix (Nov 2021) Enjoy Mash Up!

In this post, you will learn about Zedd Squid Game Remix, which has been trending recently.

Are you looking for information about a Squid game theme remix that is just going viral and wants to know more about it? Then this post is for you. The Squid game has become the most-watched Korean drama on the Netflix platform.

The Squid Game greatly impacts binge-watchers and those who don’t consider themselves a fan of tv series. Recently, in a live concert, a very famous DJ has made a remix of its theme song, and a live concert occurred in the United States. Let us discuss more Zedd Squid Game Remix.

What is Zedd’s Remix of Squid Game Theme Song?

As you probably have guessed, the famous DJ we are talking about earlier is Zedd, and as mentioned above, he has made a remix of the Squid game theme song (Not official). He has mixed the theme song with “Pink Soldiers” and “Cherish” – DO it To it.  

The remix has turned out to be great, and the fans are going crazy about this remix track, and we can’t get enough from hearing it, even if it is a short mix. The reactions are worth noticing, and as per the popularity of the Squid game, this remix is all over the internet by now.

Is The Zedd Squid Game Remix Out Officially?

To be specific, this is not an official track by the Squid game nor by Zedd. Instead, this is one of that random mixes that brings energy to the live concert, and everyone goes wild. If you look at the live concert clip, you will know what we are talking about.

Even if it isn’t officially looking at the fans’ reaction, we guess that Zedd or officials of Squid game might be thinking about releasing a full version of this Zedd Squid Game Remix. However, the concerts clip has gone so viral that many fans all over the internet are making their long versions of the remix.

Fans’ Reactions On Remix of Squid Game Theme

The fans are blown away by this remix, and the reaction of the fans is worth noticing. The reviews on this clip show the excitement of the fans after hearing this remix. 

The reviews are as follows – “Arguably the best drop on EDC,” “add this to apple music, please OMG, please,” “So Sick,” and many more reviews like that. Looking at the reaction, everyone is expecting an official Zedd Squid Game Remix

The Final Verdict

So, hope this post has cleared all your confusion related to the remix of the Squid game theme. You haven’t heard the remix until now, then you may checkout here. if you are a Squid Game fan. 

We can’t say if Zedd or the officials are planning for its official release but looking at its hype, if it is released, then the track will be a super hit.

How is your experience with this remix of the Squid game theme? Tell us in the comment section below. Also, do share this Zedd Squid Game Remix post to inform others. 

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