Smtnaw Reviews (Aug 2021) Is The Online Store Legit?

This guide will help to learn more about Smtnaw Reviews to give the readers more clarity on the authenticity of this site. Read till the end to know more.

Are you guys looking for an online shopping portal that aims to sell storage coolers? Want to learn more on this site?

If not, no worries now because is here, offering coolers at hugely affordable prices. Also, in this source of information, we will update you with the details of and Smtnaw Reviews, which has got much popularity in the United States.

What is is an online shopping site that sells different categories of storage coolers. This site has got two types of cooler such as:-

  • Hard cooler 
  • Soft cooler

The site has different choices under both categories of cooler, such as Roadie 24 Hard cooler, Tundra Haul Hard Cooler, Hooper M30 Soft Cooler, etc. The site has also got some unbelievable discounts or a low clearance sale going on for now when writing this article. 

The discounted prices are almost less than half of the original prices, which is quite unrealistic. All these factors lead to the question Is Smtnaw Legit or not? We will answer the most strived question in the upcoming sections with clarity. 

Specifications of this online store:-

  • Domain name- has been registered on 16/08/21, and it is registered till the year 2022. The site is too young
  •  URL- The Website URL is
  • Category- The Website aims to sell storage coolers of different categories.
  • Email- The Email Address mentioned is which doesn’t match the domain name.
  • Address- No contact address is provided.
  • Contact no- Even no contact number is mentioned.
  •  Payment Modes- Credit/Debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc., are accepted along with PayPal.
  • Smtnaw ReviewsWe couldn’t gather any customer reviews for now.
  • Return Policy– According to the site details, one can do the returns within seven days hesitation period.
  • Refund Policy- The refunds will be initiated after seven days of the return of the product and inspected
  • Exchange Policy- No exchange policy is provided on the Website.
  • Shipping Policy-The shipping policy is based on the actual delivery method one chooses.
  • Delivery Policy- no exact delivery time is mentioned. Only the shipping method details are present.
  • Social Media Presence- This Website has got fake social media icons present as when chick on, it redirects to the website homepage. 


Let’s find out the Advantages of Smtnaw Reviews. They are as follows:-

  • The Website has got a valid https protocol which is a good sign here.
  • Buyers can get two types of cooler.
  • All the goods are available at a very cheaper rate.


It is also mandatory to know the drawbacks of this Website. The disadvantages are listed below:-

  • The contact us section is incomplete as the contact address details and the contact no. are not provided.
  • The email id provided doesn’t match the domain name, so it is a negative remark here.
  • No exact time is mentioned in the delivery and shipping section.
  • Many details on this Website are not mentioned.

Is Smtnaw Legit or a scam?

  • Domain Age- This domain has been recently created, and the registration date is 16/08/21.
  • Trust score- The Trust score ratio of this site is 1% on the scale of 100.
  • Reviews- No reviews are present on this site.
  • Alexa rank- The site has got quite a low Alexa rank.
  • Plagiarism content- Most of the content is copied with fake images found.
  •  Policies- many policies such as delivery, exchange shipping policies are missing.
  • Address’s originality-No contact address is present.
  • Social media Icons $ connection-We could trace no Facebook page with low followers.
  • Owner’s Information- No owner’s details are present.
  •  Unrealistic Discounts- An unbelievable sale is going on for now.

Hence, based on the above criteria, we can mention that the site is suspicious. 

Customer Smtnaw Reviews

While searching for the details on Customer feedback on this Website, it is seen that this online portal has no customer feedbacks present on this Website or any reliable websites. 

Customer feedbacks are the key factors to look at for knowing the legitimacy of an online portal. No customer reviews can make a website questionable and sometimes unreliable. Hence the absence of customer feedback on this site makes this site quite dubious and also read Everything You Should Know About Credit Card Scam.


The site stands to be quite suspicious based on the absence of Smtnaw Reviewsand many details such as the contact details and the delivery policy is missing. Hence, deep research is required before purchasing from this site, which deals with various types of Coolers as listed aboveAlso, Everything You Should Know About Paypal Scam and having safe shopping

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