Lee Williams Gospel Singer Age {Aug} Know More Here!

This article gives you details about Lee Williams Gospel Singer Age and his successful career in a gospel group.

Did you know Lee Williams passed away? He had been a part of a gospel group for a long time. Did you know his contribution to the gospel group? Did you know that the gospel group had won many awards under Lee’s leadership? Do you know about Lee’s childhood and his interest in music? Do you know how the gospel group originated? 

This article brings you all the details about Dr Lee Williams Gospel Singer Age, career, and personal life. On Facebook, this gospel group is followed by more than 137K fans from the United States and other parts of the world. 

Who is Lee Williams?

Lee Willams was born on 28th July 1947 in Tupelo. Lee was from a lower-middle-class family. He was raised with his siblings. Lee completed primary education in Tupelo. As a kid, Lee used to spend his time listening to music. Lee Williams was a truck driver. He used to take out time on weak ends to perform in a gospel group. 

Lee Williams Gospel Singer Age:

  • Lee Williams started performing in gospel music group when he was just eight years old.
  • Lee Williams passed away on 30th August 2021 at his house in Pontotoc. He was 75 years old. 
  • Annie Ruth was the wife of Lee Williams. They got married on 1st August 1969. The couple celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary recently.
  • Lee was diagnosed with Alzheimer due to which he had decided to retire from the gospel group in 2018. 
  • The cause of Dr Lee Williams’s death is not known. As of writing, Dr Lee Williams’s funeral details are awaited.

Lee Williams’s career:

Let’s check more facts about Lee Williams Gospel Singer Age and his career.

  • Lee’s uncle, Mitchell Thornton, was a part of a group called Gospel Stars.
  • Mitchell Thornton brought his three brothers and Lee Williams under the Gospel Stars Junior group. 
  • Lee initially became the bassist in the group.
  • In 1962, Mitchell had started a group by the name Spiritual QC’s.
  • Willie was initially the lead singer of the group. Willie was one of the three brothers of Lee.
  • Soon, Mitchell and Willie departed from the group.
  • In 1968, this group dissolved. 
  • Hence, Lee took the lead responsibility. The group also changed their name as Lee Williams and The Spiritual QC. 
  • In Hawthorne, Bible Believer’s Christian College recognized Lee Williams Gospel Singer Age-old talent and esteemed him with a doctorate. 
  • In 2012, Lee Hildebrand was announced as Lee Williams and The Spiritual QC as the hottest group on the African American gospel circuit.


Lee has his style of presenting gospel music about the love and affection of God. Lee’s fans believe that he was the chosen one by God to deliver such gospel music as words and the voice of God. Altogether, the group had released thirteen albums which included Lee’s performance. At the Gospel Music Excellence Awards, the group had won Traditional Quartet of the Year.

Did you know about Lee Williams Gospel Singer Age and his album Good Times in the top ten Billboard’s gospel charts? Let us know if you like the song.

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