Six Must-Have Smartphone Camera Accessories for Photography this Christmas

The holiday season is upon us, and we all want to capture those lasting memories; this has become easier with our smartphones. Whether it’s videos or pictures, technology has made it easier to share our celebrations with other people. There are quite a few accessories you can add to make your photos and videos more polished.

Selfie Stick

Aah, the reliable selfie stick, the friend to the lone traveller. The selfie stick has been around for a while and is excellent when taking a selfie from a distance. Selfie sticks have evolved to include Bluetooth capabilities, so you don’t have to touch the screen to take photos.  

Pocket Size Camera Lenses

One of your smartphone’s limitations is the camera lens size; a bigger lens means better photo details and sharper images. That’s where a pocket-sized camera lens comes in.  

This gadget improves image stabilisation, which means better digital and printed photos. So, investing in an external lens is best if you want to turn your digital memories into a book like those offered by 

You can get professional-grade optics at less expense. Some lenses come with a phone cover, so you can mount them on the phone covers. Others have their clips that attach to the top of the phone. You can use external lenses on your front and rear cameras. These lenses are also great for creating videos. Prices for these convenient pocket-sized lenses start at £15.

Ring Light

The first ring light was invented in 1952 by Lester A Dine for use in dentistry when photographing teeth and gums. Fast forward to 2023, and all content creators swear by this light. A ring light can lessen shadows and distribute light evenly in your photos and videos. YouTubers like it because it softens your features and gives a cinematic look to videos. So, if you take beach or Christmas cooking videos, add a ring light to your camera kit

Mini Tripod

As the name says, a mini tripod is a small tripod you put your phone on when taking videos or photos. The tripod helps stabilise by reducing camera shake and blur, especially with low light. Mini tripods are small, flexible, and easy to travel with, which is outstanding for those sunset pics and videos. Depending on the brand name, prices start at £14.99.

External Microphone

There is a miniature microphone on one end and a charging cable on the other, with a little clip that you can use to attach to your clothing or a specific place. A good quality microphone can make or break your video, especially if you are a YouTuber. You can still use a microphone even with ordinary videos, mainly when background noise occurs at family gatherings or the beach. 

Gimbal Stabiliser

A stabilising mount holds the camera in place while shooting to prevent unwanted movements that cause blurs. For your mobile phone, you can harness the mount against your body. A gimbal does the same job as a tripod, but it depends on what you want to do. You can just use a tripod for more static photos, but a gimbal might be better if you want dynamic shots. The gimbal stabiliser is expensive, and can be bulky to carry around. 

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