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Dig into Nilton Berrios Diaz Murio Twitter messages after his death news. Check out his Murillo Vidal music talent that he showcased in the String Karma band.

Do you listen to the songs of a talented singer, Nilton Berrios Diaz? His death left a severe impact on music lovers. People’s condolence messages are creating waves of sadness on Twitter in Peru and Chile. The news of his passing spread across social media, becoming a virtual space for shared grief and remembrance.

This report on Nilton Berrios Diaz Murio Twitter takes you through the heartfelt responses and the lasting impact of his contributions. Also, read to know the reason for his death and more.

A Report on Nilton Berrios Diaz Murio Twitter

Peruvian and Chilean folks are sharing their sadness and sympathy on Twitter and other social networks upon hearing about the passing of Nilton Berrios. He was a gifted singer hailing from Cajamarca and a key member of String Karma, a folk music band. 

The news of his demise circulated across different social media channels linked to the musical group. People from both countries are expressing their grief and condolences online, creating a virtual space to remember and honor Nilton Berrios String Karma talent. The news broke hearts as fans recalled his contributions to Andean music.

Reason for Nilton Berrios’s death

Nilton Berrios, the well-known singer of String Karma, left his body on 3rd December 2023, around 1 am. He bravely fought against cancer, but unfortunately, it took him away too soon. He was diagnosed with two brain tumors a few years back. Nilton had been struggling with his health, which led him to leave the music group Nilton Berrios String Karma earlier this year. 

His departure marks the end of a courageous battle with the illness. People believe his decision was hard to leave his group, which he once enriched with his talent and voice.

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Fans response to Nilton’s death

The passing of Nilton Berrios has deeply saddened his fans, who are now expressing their sorrow on social media, particularly Twitter. Condolences are pouring in, creating a wave of emotional messages.

Fans are exchanging memories of Nilton Berrios Diaz Murillo Vidal, emphasizing the meaningful moments they shared through his songs. The online community is filled with heartfelt messages as people come together to remember and honor the talented singer.

Nilton Berrios and String Karma’s Musical Impact

Nilton Berrios played a vital role in creating beloved songs like “Pastorcita,” “Nina Serranita,” and “Dejate amar,” establishing a lasting legacy in Andean music. His contributions, alongside Gerald La Torre in the group, earned them recognition both nationally and internationally. 

The band String Karma became widely known, even making a mark in Chile. The music of Nilton Berrios Diaz Murillo Vidal resonated with audiences, gaining popularity and expanding their reach beyond borders.

Nilton’s influence, reflected in these hit songs, has left an enduring impact on the world of folk music, showcasing the power of his artistic expression. Few people are aware of his details. Let us check it out in the next section.

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Nilton Berrios details

  • Full Name: Nilton Berrios Diaz
  • Date of Birth: A specific birth date is not provided. However, the birth year is 1987
  • Age: 36 years old
  • Birth place: Cutervo, Cajamarca,
  • Wife: Nilton had a wife. The name is unknown.
  • Children: Two small children.
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Nationality: Peruvian
  • Profession: Renowned singer, composer, and instrumentalist

Amid the death news of Nilton Berrios Diaz Murio Twitter people are showing their interest in his work. He joined String Karma in 2013 and quickly rose to prominence in Peruvian folk music, eventually becoming the main vocalist in 2016.


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In summary, the recent passing of Nilton Berrios, the well-respected singer from String Karma, has deeply affected fans, evident in the emotional responses seen on Twitter. His departure creates a significant void in the world of Andean music, showcasing the impact he had.

Nilton’s brave struggle against cancer, as seen through his musical journey, remains a touching part of his legacy. The assembly of condolences and shared memories on social media highlights the strong connection between Nilton and the community that cherished his musical talents.

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