Simulator Pet X Update {Aug} Read The Game Details!

Simulator Pet X Update {Aug} Read The Game Details! >> Read the post below to learn about the recent update in the game.

Have you ever tried playing Pet Simulator X? Are you aware of the recently updated codes? No, we will guide you with the truthful information.

Pet Simulator X is very popular in countries like Vietnam, Polandthe United Kingdomand the United States and players do not want to miss any chance of earning extra coins and diamonds. So, with every Simulator Pet X Update, the users find it even more interesting to play this with their favorite pet.

Vital details about the game “Pet Simulator X”:

Pet Simulator X is developed by BIG Games Simulator, and here you will have to follow a map and keep on collecting different items.

Here are some other details:

  • Pet variety: The game offers a wide variety of pets, including dogs, cats, bunnies, and many more.
  • Player’s town: The players can collect coins and buy different towns to enhance their territory.

Besides this, you can use different PROMO codes to unlock other pets. Want to know more about Simulator Pet X Update? Scroll down and stay tuned till the end.

What do the players have to do in this Pet Simulator?

Once you start the game, you will need to choose one pet from the three options:

  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Bunny

You can give a nickname to your pet and tap the “START” button. You will see a colorful area next and several coins scattered over there.

All you need to do is keep collecting the coins, and other items coming your way to unlock more pets.

What is the new Simulator Pet X Update?

The game developers have recently updated the codes’ list of Pet Simulator X. with these new codes, you can get thousands of diamonds and coin boost.

You can read the entire list below:

  • Ultra225k
  • Morecoins180k
  • EzDiamonds150k
  • Easy125k
  • Lucky50k
  • Release
  • Triple80k
  • Discord Diamonds

How many pets can you use at one time?

You can use at most three pets at the moment. However, to get access to using more pets, you will need to buy the seven pet pass.

What things do you need to collect?

Besides getting benefit from Simulator Pet X Update codes, you will need to continuously keep collecting the following things:

  • Small and large coin chest
  • Large pile
  • Small and large coins

How do the collected diamonds help you in Pet Simulator?

You can use the collected diamonds to:

  • Make your pet golden.
  • Increase character and eventually pet speed.
  • Increase your pet storage.
  • Turning your pets rainbow.

Final verdict

Pet Simulator X is a fantastic pet game that allows the players to have their own territory and keep on enhancing it by buying towns.

Moreover, this Simulator Pet X Update will allow you to get more diamonds and make your pet look amazing. 

Do you like playing pet games? Please tell us if you have already redeemed any of these new coins.

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