Lindsey Goldstein Obituary (Feb 2022) Read Whole Story Here!

Lindsey Goldstein Obituary (Feb 2022) Read Whole Story Here! >> The guide shares details about the death notice of the professional investigator and sister of the famous Love Island contender. 

Josh Goldstein, the contestant from Love Island, received the tragic news on the evening of 6th August 2021 about the expiry of his sibling, Lindsey Goldstein. The news was received during the Thursday episode, and he made sudden exist between the episode.

The contestant received the message from his family about the expiry of his sister. After Islanders exist, viewers from Canada and the United States wonder who Josh’s sister is and the Lindsey Goldstein Obituary details.       

Soon after the message circulated, all family members and relatives started sharing sympathy messages for the deceased’s family on social media.

Who is Lindsey Goldstein?

Lindsey Goldstein is the sister of the famous Love Island contestant, Josh Goldstein. She was born to Lynn Goldstein and Marc Goldstein, based in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Apart from being the contestant’s sister, Lindsey was also working as the investigator at the Depart of Children and Families for the State of MA. The department is focused on preventing domestic negligence and violence.

After the death news, her colleagues also want to know about Lindsey Goldstein Obituary.

Lindsey Goldstein also served as the senior family intervention specialist at Youth Village and was actively involved and associated with her upcoming wedding plans before she passed away, leaving behind her entire family. She also shared a good bond with her brother, Josh Goldstein.

What Happened to Lindsey Goldstein?

It is not revealed by her family members about the reasons behind her expiry. The news of her expiry was first revealed and disclosed by her Uncle Eric Goldstein. Her uncle shared a social media post confirming the death while planning her wedding, scheduled in the coming months.  

So, it is not confirmed how she died and what is the reason behind are expiry. 

Lindsey Goldstein Obituary – How People are Reacting?

As the news is delivered to Josh Goldstein in between the Thursday episode, he suddenly existed in between the episode. He was in Love Island right from the beginning of the series, and many colleagues were in grief after seeing him leaving the episode. 

All his colleagues paid condolences and tagged sympathy messages on social media about his sister’s expiry. Some of the viewers took the social media to pay their tribute to the departed soul and wrote, “RIP to Josh Goldstein’s sister and condolences to the entire family.”

After the Lindsey Goldstein Obituary, all his fans, relatives, and family members were sending condolences and praying for the departed soul and the loss of her family. 

When was She Declared Dead?

It is not confirmed when Lindsey Goldstein expired precisely, but her uncle revealed her expiration on 6th August 2021. The same day he sent a message to his brother Josh Goldstein who was in Love Island as the contestant of the series. 

Any family member does not reveal the time and cause of her death. 


It was a significant loss for the Love Island contestant who has been contesting in the Love Island series. After the Lindsey Goldstein Obituary, the contestant left the show and headed towards his home to pay the last tribute to the departed soul who shared a close bonding with Josh.   

What update do you have regarding her funeral? Would you mind sharing it in the comment section below? 

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