[Watch Full Video] Romper Stomper Fight Video Viral Link: Is It Trending on Twitter, Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube & Telegram?

Romper Stomper Fight Video Viral Link write-up details the women’s brawl clip trending on social sites.

Have you seen the video of a physical fight between two women in a porta-potty? Do you want to know about the triggers that resulted in the final fight? A video titled “Romper Stomper” has gone viral on various social media sites, and netizens Worldwide enjoy the spectacle unseen in normal circumstances.

The brawl incident occurred last Wednesday at the Morgan Wallen concert at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. Romper Stomper Fight Video Viral Link has shared details of this incident along with various social media links related to it. 

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What is Romper Stomper Potty Brawl Video?

A brawl erupted between two women at the Morgan Wallen concert washroom area last Wednesday. The fight involved a few women who were in the washroom area at the time of the brawl. A 23-year-old nursing student named Dalanie Disabato, now known as “Romper Stomper” shared the fight’s details on BFF’s podcast. 

The three women directly involved in the fight are Dalanie, her mother, and another women front cut for washroom use by Dalanie. It appears that the leading cause of the battle was Dalanie Disabato. 

Romper Stomper Fight Twitter Video Legit or Scam?

The keywords related to Romper Stomper videos trending on Twitter are #romperstomper, #romperstomperfight, #Dalanie, and #barstoolsports. Barstool Sports is a digital media company that publishes sports and pop culture content. It approached the kicking girl Dalanie for the interview on 1st September 2023 to take the inside story of the fight. 

Many small clips of Romper Stomper’s fight are available on Twitter; most show the real fight moment. All the links and videos related to Romper Stomper appear to be legit on Twitter.

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Romper Stomper Fight Link on Reddit:

“Romper Stomper fight” search word on this platform flashes links related to the 30th August fight. Most links that are shown appear to be fake as they don’t have the original video of this fight. Some links take viewers to a scammer’s website that may adversely impact internet users accessing devices. 

A video titled “To use a porta potty” was posted in the therewasanattempt community four days ago and has attracted 2.1k comments. Tiktok video streaming site also has many viral clips of Romper Stomper fight. 

Romper Stomper Video Reviews:

Dalanie shared the inside story of the porta-potty brawl on a podcast. Dalanie explained that the conflict erupted due to her as she front-cut the women in pink to get to the washroom. The woman involved in the conflict with pink women is Dalanie’s mother guarding the restroom. A minor scuffle resulted in a full-blown fight, as shown in a Youtube video taking the two women inside another washroom.

The woman joining last in the fight is Dalanie, who kicked two women in the washroom to get her mother free. She took revenge by kicking the two women right and left to help her mother. The two women ganged against her mother and were punching her. 

Social Media Reacts to Romper Stomper Video:

Dalanie, on her Instagram account, posted some pics from the event titled Romper Stomper. The message on her account read, “It was an unforgettable night,” attracting comments from netizens. The post has attracted 50k likes and more than 4,786 comments in the last five days. 

Social Media Links:

To use a porta potty
byu/whitegirladdict intherewasanattempt

Final verdict:

Dalanie revealed on a podcast that she never indulged in any fight before this incident. People were impressed by Romper Stomper fighting skills shown in the video on social sites like Telegram. Some netizens commented that they would like to have girls with Dalanie fighting skills by their side. 

Was Dalanie Disabato right in kicking other women? Please comment

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