[Watch] Romper Stomper Fight Video Download: Why Porta Potty Trending on Twitter?

In the post below, let’s check out the Romper Stomper Fight Video Download and how authorities reacted after this video went viral.

Do you watch the trending viral fight video of Romper Stomper? Do you know why this video is trending across the United States and worldwide? Since the Morgan Wallen concert this week, the fight video of women is trending over the internet. People are shocked to witness such unpredictable violence in the heart of a city with massive security.

Since this event, it has been in the headlines for its fighting viral video. However, the reason for the fight is not apparent in the video, which went viral, but the internet audience reacted to this video. So, let’s discuss the Romper Stomper Fight Video Download to know every detail related to this video.

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What is in the Romper Stomper fight video?

A video of the Morgan Wallen concert in which multiple women got involved in a fight while waiting in line outside the portal toilet. The entire scene has been recorded and posted by Barstool Sports for the first Twitter in the afternoon. Since it was uploaded on Twitter, the video has grabbed the attention of approximately 13 million viewers in no time. 

The video went viral after people started commenting, sharing and retweeting it with their friends. 

Details of the Romper Stomper Fight Twitter 

The video of women fighting with each other went viral after the Morgan Wallen concert on Wednesday in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The fight began among the show’s female fans when they were waiting in line outside the portable toilet. Within no time, the simple argument fight leads to a massive catfight where women kick, drag, exchange shoves, and push each other. 

Though the reason for this fight is still unknown, people are keenly sharing and commenting on the video.

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Further details about the viral video

Romper Stomper fight video is trending over the internet with many names, including Romper Stomper Porta Potty. The fight starts when one of the women standing outside the Ports Potty begins arguing. Soon after they started exchanging words, they were involved in a physical battle with each other.

When the two of them were fighting, she came up with her drink and handed it over to a friend. She tried to resolve the fight among the ladies fighting with each other but couldn’t stop them. 

Despite stopping the fight, the third woman who came to destroy the battle got involved in the war after another woman came. The fourth woman was wearing a roper and white cowboy shoes and dragged the woman with her hair into one of the portable toilets. She pushes the women into the open door and starts punching and kicking the women. 

What are the authority’s actions in the Romper Stomper Fight Video Download

The entire video was recorded and posted by Barstool Sports on Twitter. Though people have shared mixed comments after this fight video went viral, the police haven’t acted against anyone. However, there is no arrest in the case. You can even check the social media links below for more details.

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Romper Stomper’s Fight Video went viral after Barstool Sports posted the video on Twitter. The reason for the fight is still unknown; therefore, police haven’t taken any legal action against anyone yet.

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