Folding Chair Fight Full Video: Is The Incident Happened in Alabama Going Viral with YouTube Video? Check Facts!

The viral Folding Chair Fight Full Video showcased how a group of boaters attacked a dock worker in Alabama.

Have you watched the folding chair video in Alabama? Recently, a brawl video on an Alabama dock went viral on social media platforms. This video again questions the safety of black people in the United States

The Folding Chair Fight Full Video is now trending for some specific reasons. Let’s continue to read the article to get new details. 

Disclaimer: We have no intention to hurt anyone’s emotions and feelings. We have collected all the details for educational purposes only.

What happened on Alabama dock?

On Saturday, 5th August 2023, at around 7 pm, a group of boaters attacked a dock worker of the Montgomery Riverfront at the 200 block of Coosa Street. According to a witness, the boaters declined to move their pontoon boat from the dock. They wanted to dock the Harriott II Riverboat. 

The Folding Chair Fight YouTube video shows that when a Montgomery Riverfront dock worker told the boaters to replace their boat, one shirtless man arrived and punched the worker. The shirtless white man ran towards the black worker and punched him in the face. When the onlookers started shouting, the worker threw off his hat. When the two men started struggling, two more men joined and punched the dock worker. 

You can also hear a yelling of a woman in the Folding Chair Fight Full Video who calls for help. The video clip also shows that another man jumped off the dock and swam to them to defend the dock worker. Many other people also walked down to the dock to save and support the worker. Not only one, but several videos of this ugly fight went viral on various social media platforms. 

Why are people calling it Folding Chair Fight Full Video?

Another video of this fighting shows that a group of people approached the boaters, and the opposing group started throwing punches and pulling hair. It also shows that someone tossed a woman into the water. A third video showcased both men and women joining the brawl. 

In this video clip, a man suddenly lifted up a folding chair and smacked a man and a woman. That’s why people are searching for the video with the Fight in Alabama with Folding Chair title. The man hit the folding chair over the head of the man and woman. But then officers arrived and handcuffed the man. According to the video footage, the officers also handcuffed many boaters of the pontoon boat. 

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Is the video available on the internet?

Yes, you can find the video on various social media platforms. Millions of people already watched the Folding Chair Fight Full Video. Someone posted the video on X, formerly known as Twitter. Within a short period, the video went viral and reached people worldwide. You can also check our “Social Media Links” section for recent updates. 

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For the Fight in Alabama with Folding Chair case, in a statement, Mayor Steven Reed mentioned that the Montgomery Police Department did its best to arrest the culprits and that innocents would get justice. You can click on the link to watch some fight scenes on the Alabama dock.

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Folding Chair Fight Full Video– FAQs:

Q.1 When did the incident happen?

Ans. On Saturday, 5th August 2023, at around 7 pm.

Q.2 Who started the fighting first?

Ans. The boaters of the pontoon boat.

Q.3 Where did the incident happen?

Ans. At the 200 block of Coosa Street, Alabama.

Q.4 Did the Montgomery Police Department arrest culprits?

Ans. Yes.

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