How To Reverse Image Search On Mobile And Desktop

The majority of internet users have used a search engine’s picture search capability to find similar images. On the other hand, there are specific image search engines for situations in which you already possess an image but require more information, such as its original creator’s identity or the location of similar photographs. 

You can use your iPhone or Android to quickly and simply access this feature, which is known as a reverse picture search. The steps are outlined for you. Most internet users have used a search engine’s picture search capability to find similar images. But there are also other kinds of image searches, such as when you have a photo but want to find out where it came from or what other pictures are like it.

You may now use your iOS or Android device to access this feature, known as a reverse picture search. In this article, we will demonstrate how to achieve this.

What Is Image Search?

You can use this image search engine to discover any photograph’s original publication. Displays a different page that has similarly styled text, the same image in different sizes, and the same general concept.

Like a standard text search engine, returns a list of results. You won’t find an image gallery here; instead, you’ll get a list of pages that incorporate this image, a link to the image search function for this concept, and suggestions for similar searches. You can use our Find similar images feature to look for duplicate or similar photos being used on the internet and find out who is using them.

Iphone’s Reverse Image Search

The iOS platform also supports image searches. So, let’s get started with this feature to find similar images:

  • Launch Safari and navigate to the site for this web-based tool.
  • There is a search box in the middle of the page.
  • To search using keywords, type them into the box provided.
  • You can upload the picture if you wish to find similar pictures when searching for the info online.
  • There’s also the option of pasting in a URL to access and use pre-existing images from the web.

Using Android’s Reverse Image Search

You can submit a photo that was either sent to you or downloaded to your mobile device. They can be used in place of a standard search engine to find an image using its metadata. This approach is compatible with all Android browsers, including Chrome and Firefox. This image search and browsing tool requires a desktop version in order to upload an image for similarity searching. That’s the first step.

  • Launch a reverse image search engine in your web browser.
  • If you’d prefer a desktop layout, tapping the three dots in the upper right will provide further navigation options.
  • Make sure you’re using a desktop site.
  • An option to upload the photo appears when you tap a tiny camera symbol.
  • When you reach the correct page, you can proceed in the same way as you would with an iPhone.

Find Images on the Web with Your Windows or Mac Computer

It doesn’t take more than a few seconds to conduct an image search to find similar images using the desktop browser on a desktop computer. To use this method, you must have access to a working browser with the image search page already loaded. The following guidelines should be used in your desktop photo search:

  •  Go to the homepage.
  • To find an image using the search box, select the corresponding button. A new search window will open up, suggesting you look for images with similar features.
  • There’s a button labeled “Search image” for facilitating this very thing; clicking it lets you use pictures you’ve already had on your computer to narrow your search.
  • That’s how you conduct a picture search on your Windows PC, Macbook, or other compatible device.

Final thoughts

It is suggested that you employ reverse image search together with some sort of backlink analytics. This can spare you the hassle of dealing with a wide variety of problems typically associated with website administration. Theft and unauthorized use of visual materials are problems. This online Find similar images tool can help you avoid having your image stolen.

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