Unique Ways to Pack Cakes in Custom Boxes

Cakes are an integral part of every celebration, and we cannot imagine a single joyous festival where the cake cannot fit in. Birthdays, anniversaries, wedding receptions, engagement ceremonies, farewell parties, promotion parties, and a lot more are incomplete without the presence of a delectable cake. It is a significant reason why cake businesses thrive in the market, as their demand has skyrocketed over the years. Of course, the taste is the most important, but the presentation is as essential. 

The cake, being the life of every event, needs to be securely packed in a way that won’t let it get spoiled and look more pleasing. The main reason is that people nowadays prefer online shopping, as they find a plethora of options and can also personalise the cake per their requirements, which is why they try to place an online cake delivery in Kolkata or wherever they reside for a hassle-free experience. According to a survey, over 68% of people said that they want their cakes to be adequately and beautifully packed. 

So, what can you do to make your cake packaging look more exquisite and unique? Read the blog and find your answers. 

Customised Boxes

One thing that you can incorporate into your packaging is personalisation. Customers love it when they see their names and photos printed on gifts. Personalisation distinguishes your brand packaging from the crowd. You can use creative ideas to make your packaging styles stand out in the market. Ask them the type of customisations they want before placing the orders, as it will make the process more convenient. A basic box with personalisations will make the packaging eye-pleasing and one-of-a-kind. 

Box with Handles

These boxes are constructed from cardboard sheets and have handles on the top side. The handle allows the customer to transport the cake carefully. They can easily fold and reuse it based on their needs. You can add quirky prints, brand logos, or memes to make the box more unique and cutesy. You can also add the customer’s name to the box if the order has been placed in advance. 

Gable Boxes

One of the perfect boxes for packing cakes, they are somewhat similar to the boxes with handles. Gable shapes are unusual and complicated, and such packages are automatically positioned at the bottom. Gable boxes are made of sturdy material that can be folded intelligently and conveniently. They are a sure way to make cake delivery easier, which is why many businesses sell their products in these containers. They are incredibly beneficial to online retailers. The sturdy handles on top make it easy to transport the items. These rectangles or squares are large enough to accommodate any type of cake. 

Window Cake Boxes

There are plenty of advantages attached to these window cake boxes. To begin with, they look exquisite and printed patterns can make the box look eye-pleasing. In addition, the beholder can admire the beauty of the cake without opening it, reducing the chance of spoiling the cake. Furthermore, you can see if the cake is intact in its position. Introduce these packaging boxes, as they will make your business stand out from the crowd. 

Classic with Ribbons

There is a wide range of classic boxes that you can use for packaging. The majority of bakery boxes are white on the outside and cardboard-coloured on the inside. A splash of colour on the inside creates a delightful surprise for the customer. Second, white boxes are extremely useful in terms of customisation. These packages can also be used in their raw form. These wrappings can be personalised by simply affixing the company logo or a product image. Ribbons can be added to make the boxes more visually appealing. Make them more stylish than ever by using contrast ribbons. If you browse the internet, you will discover many cakes online that are packed in these sorts of boxes. 

There You Have It

Above listed are some of the fantastic and unique ways of packing cakes for your business. Start investing in this arena if you want to attract more customers and build your clientele. How you present your products adds an additional advantage to your venture, and personalisation will surely make the business flourish like never before. 

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