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This article describes a flight crash at a major American airport and the rescue operation associated with the crash. Read about the Red Air Miami Airport.    

Are you shocked by a recent aviation accident at a major international airport? Do you want to know about the official reports following the unexpected accident? Keep reading this write-up as we discuss all major facts related to the topic.

People from the United States are eager to know about the aftereffects of a crash associated with Red Air Miami Airport. The videos showing the visuals of the crashed flight and the rescue operations got trending on major online platforms. 

About the Red Air Flight Crash 

Red Air, a flight from the Dominican Republic carrying 126 passengers, caught fire while landing at Miami International Airport. The major reason for the accident was the collapse of the flight’s landing gear.

Three injured passengers following the accident got transported to the nearby hospitals for further treatments. The fire and safety department extinguished the fire completely, which helped to reduce the fatality rate of the Miami Airport Crash.

What Happened Following The Crash?

  • Red Air Flight 203 crashed at the Miami International Airport at 5:30 PM, resulting in fire and smoke.
  • The emergency team, including firefighters, reached the spot within 90 seconds, reducing the crash’s impact.
  • The 126 passengers were safely rescued back to the airport terminal and provided necessary medical treatments.
  • The viral videos of the crash show the firefighters working to put out the fire and passengers running away from the burning flight.
  • The runway got blocked for firefighting resulting in the delay of several flights.

Red Air Miami Airport      

  • The rescue operation after the crash got tacked with the help of MDFR.
  • The timely act from the MDFR played a crucial role in restricting the accident from being an aviation disaster.
  • The spreading fire was controlled, and the fuel spillage was restricted to avoid further burning or blasts.
  • The official investigation behind the incident is taking place.
  • Federal Aviation Administration was the first to officially confirm the accident to the public in an email statement.

Statements from Crash Survivors

  • The passengers of the Red Air Flight 203 mentioned that the landing was rough. Apart from that, the Red Air Airline Miami Airport crash produced a huge sound.
  • A passenger mentioned that the flight was full of smoke and a burnt smell after the landing.
  • Paola Garcia, a young female passenger, told the media that she felt like the plane landed without wheels, and after the landing, the flight had sideways movements.
  • Another passenger mentioned the destruction of the landing apparatus. She also added the incident was unbelievable.


The Red Air Flight crash occurred due to the collapsed landing gear. Fortunately, no serious casualties were reported, and all passengers were safe. To know in-depth details on this topic, kindly check this link. 

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