How Much Will You Spend to Become a Realtor in FL? 

Florida is one of the best places to work as a realtor. The diverse mix of properties attracts more clients, creating a perfect working environment for real estate agents. But a lot goes on behind the scenes before you can become a licensed realtor.

Your career as a realtor starts when you get your license from the DBPR. But before that, you must complete the program and pass the state’s exam. 

Herein, we take you through all of the steps, including a breakdown of the costs involved at each stage.

First on the Agenda

Aspiring realtors must complete a 72-hour pre-licensing program. The course will introduce you to various topics, including real estate laws, drafting appraisals, marketing, and analysis. You can attend a local community college or study online.

However, ensure that the school is accredited by the state before you start worrying about the fees. The cost of these courses can vary depending on the provider and format. From our research, expect to spend between $100-400.

We also found that you can save more studying online platforms than attending college or specialized real estate schools. If you intend to study online, check these guys out.

Next Leap – Examination Fees

This is a step that strikes fear in most students. Registering for the state exam costs around $36.75, which is quite affordable. The exam is offered online via Pearson VUE. 

The process is quite simple. All you must do is create an account, pay the registration fee, and schedule your exam. The test consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, with the pass mark being 75%. However, you can reschedule a retake if you don’t pass the test on your first attempt. 

Adequate preparation and revision can help you pass the exam on your first attempt. You can get quality exam preparation courses for around $50.

Honesty and Trustworthiness Checks 

This is done to confirm if you meet the state’s honesty and trustworthiness prerequisites. Candidates who pass the test are mandated to visit a fingerprint collection center. A digital copy of your fingerprint scan is sent to the state. The cost for fingerprinting services typically ranges from $50-100 depending on the provider and additional processing fees.

If you have no prior felonies on your record, you can proceed to the last stage of becoming a licensed realtor in the Sunshine State. Head over to the DBPR website, submit all of the relevant documents, and pay the $83.75 application fee.

Online applications are faster, and approval can take 14-30 days. You must find a sponsoring broker to mentor you for your license to become active.

Wrapping Up

Your journey as a realtor in the Sunshine State doesn’t end there. You must complete the post-licensing elective courses to maintain your licensure. You will incur other expenses in the form of license renewal fees and membership registration if you plan to join a professional body.

A career in real estate is worth it in the long run. If everything goes right, you can expect to become a realtor within two to five months. 

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