Kbwapp.com Call Details: Explore Authenticity And Features Of The Site

This post on the kbwapp.com Call Details will help you to understand the authenticity of the Kbwapp.com based on all the legitimate factors.

The website, Kbwapp.com has been in trend because the readers are looking for the details related to different topics mentioned on this website. People from India have been searching for its legitimacy too.

About kbwapp.com Call Details! 

Calling has become a normal activity, unlike the past times. People may want to know about the different call details on their mobile phones. Kbwapp.com helps readers learn the updates on different calling details.

They have mentioned the facts about missed calls, incoming calls, outgoing calls, call duration, location of the call, and many more subjects that have been scrutinized in their post. 

You can have a clear idea about the calling pattern on the website. You can also find various other posts related to the trending topics and get complete information on those topics.

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Check if the Kbwapp world.com is legit! 

The Kbwapp World website has been in demand because of the latest updates posted on this platform. The readers must not depend on the details of the website unless they find the legitimate facts to be reliable. 

In this part of the article, we have discussed the legitimacy factors of this website so that the readers can know if the details provided here are legit or not. So, please read the details here. 

  • Registration Date: This domain has been registered on July 10, 2023. It means that the site is not even one year old.
  • Trust Score: The trust score determined on the website is 24.6/100 which is a low score to be considered. 
  • Phishing Score: The Kbwapp world.com has received a 91 percent phishing count. 
  • Malware Score: We could see that the Kbwapp.com website has been given a 51 percent malware count.
  • Online Reviews: People did not comment on the articles on this website. Neither we have seen any reviews of this website on any online portal.
  • Social Media Status: The site is not present on the social media pages like Instagram and Facebook. 

Specifications And Reader’s Feedback On The Website! 

The domain has been trending because of its articles published on different topics. However, we have checked the facts about the contact details. We could not find any contact details on the website. Neither we could see any other details like the policies of this website.

They have mentioned their articles only on the website. Hence, it becomes skeptical to trust this website.

Not only this, we check for the readers’ views on their articles, but we could not see any opinions of the readers on their articles. Also, there was no online site that shared opinions on the content of this website.

The social media presence of the website is unfound. It has not been found on any social media platform like Instagram and Facebook. Thus, the website is not a popular domain. You cannot rely on this website until it receives any popularity.

Inference from the Kbwapp.com! 

The website has not been trustworthy because of the poor legitimacy facts. This domain was registered around eight months ago. The website has not received a good trust score. 

Also, this website has not been available on the social media platforms. Also, it has not been given any reviews on the online review sites and the official sites. 

Based on such poor facts about this domain, we cannot recommend that online users trust this website as it can be a scam. One must ensure its legitimacy before relying on the facts.

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